‘The Rookie’ Showrunner Talks What Kind of Guy Jason Is

by Matthew Memrick

John Nolan’s new relationship future got exciting last week with a mystery man named Jason according to “Rookie” showrunner Alexi Hawley.

Know that this major plot item is a spoiler if you’ve read this far.

Yes, we’ll have to wait three weeks to find out what comes next for Nolan, Bailey, and Bailey’s old husband, Jason. But the heartbreak of knowing that Nolan’s marriage proposal is on hold temporarily or permanently just plain stinks.

Jason Has A Troubling Past 

Hawley spoke with TV Insider about old flame Jason (Steve Kazee) to fill in a few details. Basically, we found out that Bailey (Jenna Dewan) and her husband are married, which we didn’t know anything about being fresh out of jail.

Kazee’s credits include The Walking Dead (Frank), Nashville, and Shameless over the years. The actor will be in an upcoming movie directed by Joanna Gleason called “The Grotto.”

But the showrunner fills us in with a little more on the wild card man.

Hawley calls Jason “not a good guy,” and maybe that’s why Bailey kept him a secret. At the same time, what does it say that Nolan could not be trusted to know that secret? All sorts of questions about intimacy and relationship history between the cop and firefighter will probably need some resolution.

Bailey had to know something was up, and talking to Nolan’s son and getting a ‘blessing’ was just one of the many things working toward this relationship’s crescendo.

The showrunner said the show’s next few episodes would revolve around Jason and Bailey. 

Bradford And Chen An Item?

Is there another “Rookie” relationship growing with Bailey and John Nolan heating up?

Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) has noticeably been there for her former instructor, Tim Bradford (Alex Winter). First, the sergeant’s sister came to town and pulled him back into his relationship with his father.

In this latest episode, Chen comforts Bradford as his dying father coughs up information about a discovered gun. She worked to reveal the father’s involvement in the case, and clearly, Bradford is struggling to come to terms with his emotions.

Hawley revealed some details about the budding friendship that’s looking to turn into a relationship. He told TVLine via Digital Spy about it in a recent interview. Keep in mind the two have shown some feelings for each other.

Chen will have some “personal journeys” to make in future episodes.

“And there might be a love interest coming around for her in the future,” Hawley said. “But yeah, that’s all I want to spoil for her.”

The following “The Rookie” episode will air in the new year on Jan. 2 and it’s called “Heart Beat.”