‘The Rookie’ Showrunner Teases What’s Ahead for Lucy

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage/Getty Images)

With a lot of things moving around on The Rookie, we’re wondering what might be next for Officer Lucy Chen on the show?

Outsiders, we get a little glimpse and tease from the showrunner.

Alexi Hawley spills the beans in this article from TV Line. By the way, last Sunday’s episode was the fall finale.

He talks about it right here. “We’re not diving into UC work yet,” Hawley says of Chen, played by Melissa O’Neil, on The Rookie. “Ultimately we’re going to lean into some personal journeys for her that I don’t want to spoil yet. And there might be a love interest coming around for her in the future. But yeah, that’s all I want to spoil for her.”

There’s some interesting energy between Chen and Tim Bradford, played by Eric Winter.

“I agree, the intimacy that exists between them is really special,” Hawley says. “I think the fact that they’re not romantically entangled makes it more special, because they are coming from a place of friendship and connection first, and not a place of romance.”

Fans of The Rookie can watch this friendship and affection continue to grow. The show returns to ABC on Sunday, Jan 2. So make your plans to see what’s going to happen with Chen going forward.

‘The Rookie’ Keeps an Eye On Nolan and Bailey’s Romance. What Does Showrunner Say?

The romance between Nolan and Bailey is one that fans of The Rookie will be keeping their eyes on as episodes pick back up in 2022.

Well, what is going on here?

Hawley provides some information in another interview with TV Insider.

Well, a proposal does seem to be happening really, really soon. What is Nolan thinking right now?

Hawley gets to the bottom line of it all.

“Right. I mean, he wasn’t planning to actually propose at the end of the episode,” he says. “I think him just saying ‘I’m in love with you’ is a big step.”

The showrunner also says that Nolan’s last real serious relationship lasted two decades.

“We have to remember, this is a guy who’s married for 20 years, and in the world of the show, he’s only been divorced for a little under two years, right?” he says. “Somehow they were rookies for three seasons. So, the Ali Larter and Sarah Shahi relationships were almost rebounds from his marriage and this is the first time he’s been with a woman where he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, no, this is real and there’s something here.'”

Nathan Fillion plays John Nolan while Jenna Dewan plays Bailey Nune, who is a firefighter. We will just have to watch how this all works out in the spring months.