‘The Rookie’ Teases an Awkward Double Date

by Maggie Schneider

The new trailer for “The Rookie” is giving fans a taste of what is to come in its upcoming episode. One plot line involves a double date.

The new episode of “The Rookie” airs next Sunday, January 23 on ABC. To get fans excited about what’s coming next, the network has released a short promo video.

One plot line that the trailer features is the possibility of a double date between Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen. While the characters meet at the same place, they are not on the outing together. Meeting each other’s new dates makes the sequence look very awkward.

Watch “The Rookie” teaser below and see for yourself.

Fans in the comments are excited to see what happens next with Lucy and Tim’s storylines. It sounds like viewers are rooting for the pair to get together.

“Okay seriously I’m just going to say it does anybody else notice that Lucy and Tim are sitting next to each other across from the people that their so-called dating or seeing? I’m calling it they are totally END GAME,” Joshaunna Washington writes.

“Can I just say I knew something like this was coming 🤣🤣 I feel like they’ll both realize the chemistry they have more on that date 😁 and they’ll talk about the dog,” another user says.

Others are curious as to how the double date came to be.

“Was it Tim that suggested the double date? I can feel the awkwardness already,” someone adds.

Unfortunately, “The Rookie” viewers will have to wait until next Sunday to watch it all unfold.

‘The Rookie’ Filming On Pause?

Due to the rise of coronavirus cases, it looks like production is slowing down for “The Rookie.” On January 5th, producers announced that the Omicron variant is causing the creative team much concern. ABC says they are making this decision “out of an abundance of caution.”

Luckily, it does not look like new episodes of “The Rookie” will be delayed. There will be new episodes of the drama airing on January 23, as well as January 30th. Although there is nothing slated for after these dates, we should expect news on that front soon.

What does this mean for other ABC network shows? “Grey’s Anatomy,” “General Hospital,” and “Station 19” are both taking a break from production as well. CBS is following the network’s lead, putting “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” on a brief filming break. The Grammy Awards are also being postponed to an undetermined date.

“The health and safety of those in our music community, the live audience, and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to produce our show remains our top priority,” the Recording Academy says in their statement.