‘The Rookie’: What Does Episode 13 Have in Store?

by Megan Molseed

The fourth season of The Rookie has been bringing us some non-stop action, and the thirteenth installment certainly won’t be any different! In the episode scheduled to premiere at the end of this month on January 30, Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan and Melissa O’Neil’s Lucy Chen take on a complicated case. On the surface, the case The Rookie and his fellow officers are trying to solve may seem to be pretty open and shut. However, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes, complicating the investigations. Plus, Fillion’s Officer Nolan faces a new villain in this episode…a teenager with a penchant for thievery.

In the January 30 episode of The Rookie titled Fight or Flight, Officers Nolan and Chen set out to complete three unusual quests. Why are they on this adventure? To retrieve a stolen police helicopter which has been stolen by an unusual suspect: a teenage thief.

Elsewhere, officers Nyla Harper, who is portrayed by Mekia Cox, and Aaron Thorson who is played by Tru Valentino, are tasked with guarding a convicted cop killer. The prisoner is in the hospital following a prison riot.

‘The Rookie’ May See A Break In New Episodes In the Coming Weeks

Of course, like many other television shows this winter, this will likely be the final episode of The Rookie for at least a few weeks. The reason for this winter break is of course the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Rookie has been a popular and action-packed police procedural drama since it first premiered four seasons ago on ABC. Starring Nathan Fillion as The Rookie, John Nolan. In the series, Fillion’s Nolan decides to make a major life change at the age of forty-five; becoming a Los Angeles Police officer. A middle-aged divorcee, John Nolan certainly faces quite a few challenges as he learns the ropes in the field. The former construction business owner is also facing these challenges as he works to maintain a relationship with his family; including his adult son Henry Nolan who is portrayed by Zayne Emory.

A Shocking Loss

Of course, family is often a very important piece of The Rookie’s storyline; as are the relationships the officers form throughout the series. This is why fans were shocked by an unexpected twist in a recent episode…the death of Mercedes Mason’s Captain Zoe Andersen.

Captain Andersen lost her life in the line of duty. This happens while she was helping Fillion’s Officer Nolan during a dangerous shoot-out. The officer is fatally in the neck, shocking fans of the series. Especially so early in the mid-season premiere of the popular ABC drama. In a devastating twist, the criminal who fatally shot the captain was the girlfriend of a man that officer John Nolan had detained earlier in the episode.