‘The Rookie’: What Was the Show’s Most Upsetting Death?

by Megan Molseed

Since the hit ABC series The Rookie premiered in 2018, fans have had to say goodbye to a handful of meaningful characters.

Taking on a job as dangerous as working as a Los Angeles Police Department Officer is bound to bring dangerous situations for The Rookie characters. And, because of this, it’s not entirely shocking that the series will see some casualties over the years.

Still, thankfully, the series’s main character, Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan has managed to leave each one of his shift’s as a rookie for the Los Angeles Police Department in relative safety. However, some of his Rookie costars have not been quite so lucky.

Some of the most impactful deaths fans have seen on The Rookie include the loss of a variety of characters. Some of these characters are ones who have decidedly made the decision to veer from their oaths. Becoming a sort of villain within the series.

Others are dedicated members of the Los Angeles police force whose time came way too soon in some heartbreaking moments.

The series’s most shocking death so far came just recently; as the popular ABC series began its fourth season on the air.

‘The Rookie’s’ Most Shocking Death Comes Just This Season

The death wasn’t entirely shocking to fans as many noticed the character’s absence in promotional material. However, the way the character died was certainly a heartbreaking moment that packs an emotional punch for viewers.

Titus Makin Jr.’s Jackson West was killed off within the first few moments of The Rookie’s fourth season premiere this fall.

As The Rookie’s third season wrapped up last fall, fans saw Los Angeles police officers Officers Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) and Jackson West as they are kidnapped by a notorious criminal the department has long been hunting down, Sandra “La Fiera” De La Cruz (Camille Guaty).

The situation becomes extra dire as Officer Lopez is expecting to give birth anytime. The cliffhanger was certainly one that left fans hoping for the best as the new season premieres. Which made the first few moments of The Rookies season four even more shocking.

As The Rookie’s season four begins, Sergeant Grey (Richard T. Jones) is seen reviewing security camera footage of the recent kidnapping. Fans of the series are shocked to see a man in the video, resembling officer Jackson West struggle with a kidnapper. Fans are then shocked to see the footage. This shocking video shows the officer as he is shot in the back and stuffed in a trunk.

This is arguably one of the most tragic losses for the series yet. It is hard for audiences to say goodbye to one of The Rookie’s most vibrant characters. Especially a character that has been core to the series since it began in 2018. The added effect of fellow officer Angela Lopez naming her baby after West definitely did not leave many dry eyes in the house.