‘The Rookie’: Where Does That Twist Leave Nolan and Bailey?

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by phamous2/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

The latest “Rookie” episode twist ending has many fans wondering what to think about what will happen with Nolan and Bailey.

Sorry if I spoiled the winter finale for you, but if you did watch this exciting, jaw-dropping episode, we have to talk.

Cue the Twilight Zone opening with Rod Serling. Imagine, if you will, a man works the nerve to propose to his girlfriend when something happens.

Instead of two men exchanging introductions, all we learn is that the mystery “Rookie” man is Bailey’s husband.

Bailey and Nolan Not Sitting In A Tree?

It’s taken six, just SIX episodes of “The Rookie” for fans to get to know firefighter Bailey, and now, in the seventh episode, this happens.

The two seemed great together. After all, we’ve seen the budding romance take off with a few suspenseful moments.

Maybe there was something special going on when Bailey gave him a tongue lashing for going into a burning building instead of waiting for the fire department. Then, the couple worked together to find out if they knew a serial killer. Later, Nolan almost died walking up to her boss’s house when it exploded.

Really, those two have been through a lot in a short time

One Twitter user put it best, saying that “Bailey’s got some explaining to do!” 

Another “Rookie” Twitter fan observed Bailey “looking twice” at her husband, thinking she may have had feelings for the man in a few brief moments.

At least we’ll have three weeks to hang on to that twist ending! Jenna Dewan, who portrays Bailey on the show, took to Twitter to discover what fans thought about the episode’s final scene.

Fans talked about feeling “blindsided” and thinking it was “cliche.” But many generally liked the twist.

One Twitter fellow said, “I’m waiting for my wife to leave this morning so I can watch it.”

Sympathy For Nolan?

It’s just one thing after another with Nolan. And now he’s caught in limbo because Bailey has to take care of her marriage situation. But then, when she does, then what? The website CarterMatt had some questions.

The woman didn’t tell him about her husband, Jason. And that’s a big issue for their relationship.

After a divorce that produced a son, the contractor-turned-cop has tried to balance love and work in sunny Southern California.

We wanted Nolan’s romance with Dr. Grace Sawyer (Ali Larter) to take off, but that didn’t happen. And, going back to the first season, who could forget that co-workers Chen and Nolan had a secret relationship going.

One Twitter user blasted the show’s writers, saying, “Every woman Nolan ends up with ends in disaster. These writers need to step it up. They are terrible at writing romance or relationship interests in this show.”