‘The Sopranos’: A Fan Theory Believes the Show Takes Place in Same Universe as ‘Home Alone’

by Megan Molseed

Okay, hear us out. Sure, some fan theories can get pretty wild. But this one seems to follow the money. Anyone who grew up watching Home Alone has asked one specific question at least once…how can Kevin McAllister’s dad, Peter (John Heard) not only afford the massive Chicago suburb home but how can he also afford to fly an entire family, immediate and extended, to Paris…and the later New York? Well, some fans have offered an answer to these burning questions. And, the answer lies within the Sopranos universe.

The theory is a pretty simple one, but it is arguably an incredibly fascinating one, nonetheless. We all know that Peter McCallister, the father to the resourceful and massively mischievous Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is portrayed by the late John Heard. However, John Heard also portrays the corrupt Newark police detective Vin Makazian in the hit HBO series, The Sopranos.

Is the McCallister Clan Headed By One Currupt ‘Sopranos’ Detective?

Could it be possible that Heard’s Vin Makazian is the same person as Peter McAllister? It would certainly explain much of the McAllister family’s massive but mysterious wealth. If Heard’s Peter McCallister had major mob-ties he would certainly be able to afford the family’s massive home in the Chicago suburbs. After all, the city is expensive…plus, Chicago is known historically for some pretty major mob activity.

The theory goes even deeper here as one Reddit user points out that Heard’s Sopranos character, Vin Makazian, is even described as a “family man” in the HBO drama series. Is this just a coincidence? Or could this finally lend to some answers as to how in the world Peter McAllister could afford so much?

Also, let’s face it, Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister is pretty hard-core. Could there be something within the family that the young boy inherited? Does this information finally expose the fact that the fictional corrupt Sopranos police detective has this major and invisible connection to the fictional universe in which one of our favorite classic holiday films of all time exists?

How Deep Do the Criminals Go In the McCallister Family?

The theories get even better, too. Anyone who has watched any mob-related drama or film knows that it’s rarely only one family member who develops connections within a syndicate. One Redditor notes that this would certainly work if the whole McCallister family “is a bunch of backstabbing mobsters.” 

Well, this could be the case as other fan theories point out. For a while now, Home Alone fans have been tossing around the theory that Kevin’s crotchety uncle Frank (Gerry Bamman) may have orchestrated the entire scenario. One fan theory suggests that Frank had long ago masterminded the robbery of the McCallister home. All while he is away on a Paris vacation. A vacation funded by the man who owns the house he is robbing. Quite a new twist to the holiday favorite, right?