‘The Sopranos’: Who Was Secretly an FBI Informant on the Show?

by Allison Hambrick

While Tony Soprano was a pro at sussing out rats, there was one character in The Sopranos who escaped his notice. Considering the show’s history with FBI informants, ratting on Tony and surviving is a massive feat.

Played by George Loros, the informant in question was Ray Curto. He was a high-ranking member of the DiMeo crime family and had his own crew. His role as an FBI informant started in the third season of the show. His motivation was never outright stated, but it was mentioned that his son had multiple sclerosis. Curto, like Tony, may have been pushing the limits on what he could do for family.

Screenrant suggested that his arrest for prostitution in season one could be the origin of his deal with the FBI. However, it is just as possible that he simply wanted the immunity. Either way, Curto made it four seasons as an FBI informant. In fact, at the time of his character’s death, he was undiscovered. Just prior to his death, he had turned over a tape of Tony discussing a murder. Unfortunately, the show never expired the outcome had the tape been admissible in court. Curto never testified because he had a stroke. The Sopranos even poked fun at his secret ratting by having a character remark that he was a “stand up guy” at his funeral.

While Curto escaped punishment with his reputation intact, two characters weren’t so lucky. In season two, a friend of Tony’s named Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero wore a wire. Tony subsequently executed him. In season five, a significant plotline involved Adriana, the girlfriend of Tony’s protege Christopher Moltisanti. The FBI blackmailed her with her drug addiction and shady business practices. After her discovery, Christopher reported her to Tony.

The Unlikely Connection Between The Sopranos and Another Show

Interestingly, one fan proposed that’s not where Adriana’s story ends. This theory suggests that Drea De Matteo’s characters in Sons of Anarchy and The Sopranos are the same.

De Matteo played Wendy, the first wife of protagonist Jax Teller, in Sons of Anarchy. Unfortunately, the character’s drug problem causes their son to be born with defects, and Wendy goes to rehab until season four. Because Adriana’s death on The Sopranos occurred offscreen, fans often speculate whether she survived. Both characters share a drug problem and a New Jersey accent.

Additionally, Sons of Anarchy references both The Sopranos and Adriana herself. In one episode, Jax told a suspicious coworker, “you thought I brought you here to Adriana you?” As a result, it is likely that The Sopranos is fictional in that world. The creator of the theory tried to reconcile this by saying Jax is only referencing his ex-wife’s actual backstory.

While the link between the two is unlikely, it is still fun to speculate. As it stands, Curto was the only FBI informant Tony never caught.