‘The View’: Abby Huntsman Seems to Call Out Meghan McCain in Return to Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Last Friday, Abby Huntsman visited The View. And she seemed to make a subtle dig at her old co-host Meghan McCain.

On November 19th, TV personality and journalist Abby Huntsman made a one-day return to ABC’s daytime series The Talk. Huntsman had previously been a regular on the political talk show, but she left the panel in 2020 after a two-year run due to a “toxic” environment.

During the show, Hunstman made some remarks about her series exit.

“It’s fun to be back. I do miss so much of the show,” Huntsman said to the audience. “I’ve opened up more about why I left and when it happened. The problem with media today is it is so black and white. I’m a very nuanced person, as you guys know. My politics are nuanced, the way I live my life is more nuanced.”

The 35-year-old commentator admitted that she had some “tough days” while she worked on The View. But as a whole, her “journey” on the show wasn’t “one extreme or the other.”

She did, however, mention that certain executives and co-hosts made “too many” of her days “too difficult.”

“All of them are gone,” she added. “And you guys lived a lot of that with me. I think all of them are gone now.”

The comment seemed to be a subtle jab at McCain, who left in June of this year following rumors of on-set drama.

Joy Behar, who had a public feud with McCain, seemed to pick up on Abby Huntsman’s under-toned comment. And she followed with a few words of her own.

“Well, I miss some of them. I do, I miss some of them. I mean, I don’t miss –,” Behar said, before pausing and adding, “The panel’s perfect now.”

Meghan McCain Reveals Why She Left ‘The View’

According to Meghan McCain, The View has a toxic work environment that runs every republic co-host off of the show. And she will never return to the panel.

During an October interview with Variety, the conservative columnist went into detail about her time on the show. And explained why she decided to make an exit after four years.

“It was the way topics were addressed,” she shared. “Each host picks a topic. They give you a list at night. I would obviously choose the one that made Democrats look bad. It was much harder to get those on-air because all the producers are liberal, all the hosts are liberal. … I used to say, ‘This is crazy-making. You’ve got to hire more Republicans on staff.'”

ABC eventually hired a conservative producer. But the new hire didn’t make McCain’s job any easier.

“I always thought for TV, for the viewers watching,” she shared. “It benefits everybody to have more balance. I didn’t feel like there was balance.”