‘The View’ Alum Meghan McCain Opens Up About Postpartum Anxiety

by Michael Freeman

The View alum Meghan McCain is no stranger to speaking her mind, whether it’s with the grain or against it. However, she recently admitted something does give her pause: postpartum anxiety.

In a PEOPLE exclusive interview, Meghan McCain talks about giving birth to her daughter, Liberty, six months ago and the struggles she’s endured since. “It’s the second hardest thing I’ve ever done, other than my dad dying,” she told the outlet. She said her anxiety and fear regarding her daughter are so strong she wanted her husband to hire armed guards outside their home.

Things got so bad she reports it took a pediatrician’s intervention to get her back to “feeling steady.” Her experience made her realize what a serious issue postpartum anxiety is and urges women to speak up about it. “I felt like people need to share stories about struggles with new motherhood — not just it being picture-perfect,” she said. “But I feel really raw and vulnerable sharing it. I just wanted to offer something that would hopefully make women, in particular, feel less alone.”

McCain said she avoided birthing classes because of the pandemic, saying “I hate Zooms, I hate YouTube videos, I was like ‘I’ll figure it out.'” She doesn’t want to give the wrong idea though and says motherhood is amazing, but she finds it overwhelming too.

Ben Domenech, her husband, noticed she wasn’t acting like her normal self as well. Calling up close friends and fathers he knew for advice, he said he’ll never forget what one father said, which was to watch out for postpartum.

Nonetheless, after receiving help and antidepressants, McCain says she feels more secure and steady again.

‘The View’ Members Supposedly Can’t Talk About Meghan McCain

During Meghan McCain’s four seasons on The View, she regularly found herself at odds with the other co-hosts. Being the only Republican, arguments often erupted between her and her peers. After leaving the show, sources say the show’s staff apparently cannot talk about her.

A Page Six source reported the news, one claims The View executive producer Brian Teta has forbidden any talk of the former co-host. “Brian has lost his mind. What does he think this is? A cult, where everyone has to listen to what he has to say? We literally report into the news division. We’re being told not to talk to someone on the outside, who has different political views…who used to work with us.”

On the contrary, several show members say this simply isn’t true. According to them, the two parties left on amicable terms and there’s no hard feelings. A spokesperson reached out to Page Six, stating “This is not true. No one has been banned from talking to Meghan. Our focus is on the exciting season ahead and we wish the best for Meghan in her next chapter.”