‘The View’ Fans Up in Arms After Whoopi Goldberg Brings Back Unpopular Celebrity Guest

by Samantha Whidden

Fans of the hit TV talk show “The View” are reportedly threatening to boycott after long-time co-host Whoopi Goldberg welcomed back one of the “most unlikeable” celebrity guests on the show, radio host Charlemagne tha God. 

According to The Sun, the radio host was invited to “The View” last week. He ended up lashing out against U.S. representative and chair of the January 6th Commission Liz Chaney. This was after Ana Navarro referred to the politician as being a “profile in courage” and a “hero” in the current political climate. 

While explaining his thoughts on the U.S. representative, “The View” guest stated Cheney was complicit for four years. “When you ride with Donald Trump on damn near everything for four years, I don’t think you can be considered a hero,” he further declared.

“The View” fans weren’t exactly keen on the guest’s comments about Cheney. One fan offered full details about why they weren’t happy with the radio host’s appearance on the talk show. “He doesn’t interview well, goes off on tangents about his life and struggle, and it’s to even that good of a story. Honestly, it seems like he does these shows for the money and doesn’t even enjoy them. He doesn’t seem someone honest who cares about other people and wants to get to know them, he just is there to collect a paycheck.”

However, “The View” fans seem to notice that Goldberg was ready to invite Charlamage back. She even invited the radio host to stay for a full episode sometime. “You should come back and co-host with us at some point,” the long-time co-host also declared. 

‘The View’ Fans React to Potentially Seeing Charlemagne tha God Co-Host the Show Sometime 

In response to Whoopi Goldberg’s comment to Charlemagne tha God to return to “The View” as a guest co-host sometime in the future, fans definitely weren’t thrilled with that idea. 

“Whoopi, with her courtesy offer to co-host just extended to CTG,” on “The View” fan further recapped. They also included a series of cry-laughing emojis. “Not on my watch.”

Although some of “The Views” viewers are not happy with Charlemagne’s comments, others actually understood where he was coming from. 

“Truth,” one “The View” fan stated. “I appreciate what [Liz Cheney] is currently doing to help preserve our democracy, but maybe if she and the rest of the GOP had stood up to Trump 6-7 years ago, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point in the first place…”

‘The View’ Reportedly Prepares to Fill Conservative Co-Host Spot 

Meanwhile, “The View” is reportedly preparing to finally fill the vacant conservative co-host spot at the “Hot Topics” table. The seat hasn’t had a full-time co-host since Meghan McCain left the show in July 2021. 

As previously reported, Alyssa Farah Griffin is now the frontrunner to be joining the talk show as the newest co-host. She previously served as a communications director for President Donald Trump and was also Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary. 

Farah Griffin notably resigned in December 2020 and has become an open critic of her former bosses. However, some “The Views” fans remain cautious about hiring someone from the Trump Administration on the show.