‘The View’: Guest Co-Host Speaks Out About Talk Show’s Latest Ratings

by Samantha Whidden

Late last week, long-time “The View” guest co-host Ana Navarro shares her thoughts about the daytime talk show’s latest TV ratings. 

While sharing an article from The Wrap that states “The View” Bahamas Vacation led to the most-watched show in three months, Ana Navarro declared, “Thanks to the View-ership!”

The Sun also reports that according to Nielsen, “The View” ranked first during its trip. It was noted there were more than 2.2 million viewers during the Bahamas week. The media outlet stated that no other daytime talk show has broken the two million mark. And the talk show’s first getaway episode was its most-watched telecast in three months. 

However, “The View” co-hosts were criticized for staying at the Bahar Mar in Nassau during their Bahama trip. The rooms at the resort notably top out at $14,000 a night. One fan declared, “Awwww. How nice. Those who are struggling to put food on their tables and gas in their cars can see a vacation first hand on TV.”

Another fan also wrote, “Why do I want to see them having fun in some fabulous location I cannot go to?”

Other fans claimed the trip was “out of touch, indulgent, and completely out of sync” given everything going on in the U.S. 

Tension Rises Between ‘The View’ Co-Hosts During Heated Discussion

Upon returning from The Bahamas, “The View” co-hosts welcomed Alyssa Farah Griffin as a guest co-host. However, according to Decider, things got heated between Farah Griffin, Ana Navarro, and Sunny Hostin. 

Farah Griffin hit a nerve with Hostin while speaking about her work with the Freedom Caucus. “I was working for members of the Freedom Caucus when the congressional shooting took place,” Farah Griffin recalled. “And it was bosses of mine who were targeted.”

Farah Griffin explained she wants to make sure that as Americans are having “fundamental conversations” about where they want the country to be. “That we just make sure we’re keeping the temperature down [and] it doesn’t turn into harassment or intimidation.”

Hostin then stated that the Freedom Caucus “sort of” injected some of the right-wing extremism into the country’s politics. Farah Griffin responded by saying, “I’ve talked about this extensively. Especially the direction they’ve gone in the Trump years is not something I recognize or would have put my name to.”

Hostin replied that she was surprised Farah Griffin worked with Freedom Caucus due to who is currently in the group. Griffin agreed that some members hold a “significant amount of responsibility” for lighting political “flames” throughout the country. 

Navarro said the Freedom Caucus is a “thorn on the side” of people like Paul Ryan and John Boehner. Griffen then stated, “You criticize Paul Ryan all the time for his role on Fox.”

Navarro justified her criticism of Ryan by saying he’s her friend and she’s allowed. The trio then excessively argue on the stage and Whoopi Goldberg declared a commercial break.