‘The View’: Sunny Hostin Says Show Needs ‘Conservative Voice’

by Samantha Whidden

Just a couple of months after Meghan McCain departed from The View, co-host Sunny Hostin is now insisting that the show does need a “conservative voice.”

During a recent interview with The Cut, The View host shared the reason why she believes the show needs a conservative voice. “I also believe it’s really important to now have someone on the panel who spreads misinformation; who adheres to the big lies; [or] who is an anti-vaxxer. Because I think that’s dangerous.”

The View star then noted that the show needs someone that will commit to either independent or conservative outlooks. “And We don’t have that voice. We need someone that’s not duplicative of anyone else on the panel.”

Hostin then went on to speak about her former The View co-host, McCain, who shared details about her struggles on The View in her new book Bad Republican. “I think she thinks that people did not like her or treated her a certain way because of her opinions. I certainly don’t share any of her opinions. At all. About anything. But I don’t feel that way about her. I can’t claim to understand her. Because I think she’s very complicated. Her experience is her experience.”

Hostin goes on to add that no one can say that McCain didn’t experience it in the way that she described it in her book. “I didn’t see it that way. I didn’t experience it the way she did. But I’m going to defer to her that experienced it like that.”

Former ‘The View’ Conservative Hosts Spoke Out About the Show’s Structure and Environment

Hostin comments about The View’s need for a conservative voice come weeks after McCain, Candace Cameron Bure, and Abby Huntsman all spoke out about the show’s “unbearable” culture. All three former co-hosts were conservative voices on the talk show’s stage. 

Huntsman recently stated that she knew The View did not reflect her values. “When I say that I mean rewarding people for bad behavior. At that time there were executives in charge and that I did feel that were kind of players in that game. And it was about money. It was about ratings and the tabloids.”

Huntsman also revealed she wanted to leave the show sooner in order to protect her mental health. “They wanted me to wait and I said, ‘I’m out of here Friday.’ It was just an unbearable culture by the end.”

McCain also spoke out about her struggles on The View stage in her book Bad Republican. “Each host picks a topic. They give you a list at night. I would obviously choose the one that made Democrats look bad. It was much harder to get those on-air because all the producers are liberal, all the hosts are liberal. … I used to say, ‘This is crazy-making. You’ve got to hire more Republicans on staff.’ I always thought for TV, for the viewers watching, it benefits everybody to have more balance. I didn’t feel like there was balance.”