‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Interrupts Show To Clap Back at Shouting Fan

by Emily Morgan

Whoopi Goldberg is again making on-air blunders as the longtime panelist on “The View” interrupted an audience member while taping the show.  

The comedian recently came under fire when she clapped back at a fan heckling the co-hosts. On Tuesday, the 66-year-old went after the shouting fan when they heard screaming from the audience. 

At the beginning of the daytime talk show, the veteran actress opened up with a special introduction for Lindsey Granger, who was sitting in as guest host for the day.

“Hello, hello welcome to “The View!” Co-host of the Daily Blast live Lindsey Granger is back at the table. Welcome back,” she began, as the audience applauded. 

However, the nice moment was interrupted when one excited fan released a yelp from the crowd. As a result, Goldberg paused her opening remarks. “So let’s….” she began before abruptly stopping to look out into the audience for the culprit.

“Alright,” she annoyingly said while giving the viewer a dirty look, adding: “That was a big old ‘yeah.'”

The co-host’s awkward moment is far from her first. She’s been under fire recently for a series of on-screen blunders that have led fans to call for her firing from the popular daytime talk show.

Whoopi Goldberg called out for snacking while on ‘The View’

During the same show, the icon left viewers scratching their heads by indulging in snacks while on national TV. After the show returned from a commercial break, a camera panned to the comedian snacking on a scone. 

The Sister Act star then held her snack to the camera, showing off a knife smothered in butter as she hurried to finish her treat before beginning her monologue.

“Yeah, international superstar chef and longtime judge on the Great British bakeoff is sharing his expertise in his new book ‘Bake, My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics,'” she explained while showing her mouth filled with the baked good. 

“And he’s giving us a taste right now, that’s why my mouth is full,” she added. 

“Please welcome Paul Hollywood!” the actress said before the cameras switched to show the full table of co-hosts. Joy Behar then looked to Goldberg, saying: “Hollywood, that’s his real last name.”

Goldberg replied: “That’s alright. But you have the first question, I’m going to continue to eat,” as she munched on her pastry. After the episode, a viewer took to Twitter to criticize the actress for eating during the show.

They wrote: “Respectfully, with the dramatic increased cost of living, life costs and people drowning in debt, limit the affluence of expensive food on air in front of @TheView panel. And the panelists should never be ‘viewed’ eating food on air. It’s rude. (Whoopi is always eating).”

In the past, Goldberg has drawn negative attention from fans, who believe her time on the show should end.