‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Suffers Multiple On-Air Blunders in Episode from the Bahamas

by Sean Griffin

Fans have recently called out Whoopi Goldberg’s out-of-the-ordinary behavior on a recent The View episode. However, her on-air blunders continue in a recent episode of The View. This week, the popular daytime talk show has been filming from the Bahamas.

During a recent episode, Goldberg made multiple pronunciation mistakes in the broadcast. This prompted her to say that she wasn’t doing so great today. Perhaps the location change to the Bahamas has distracted the accomplished host.

At the beginning of the show, Whoopi attempted to pronounce the name of the resort where she and the other hosts are staying for the week. The resort is called Baha Mar. However, Whoopi Goldberg ran into some issues.

Goldberg said, “We also want to say thanks to our sponsor, Baha Mar…Ba..Baha Mar resort, as they have been amazing to us.” While Goldberg butchered the name, her co-hosts can be heard cackling in the back. However, what makes this moment funnier is that it was Whoopi’s second day in a row messing up the hotel’s name.

During the kickoff episode, Whoopi botched the hotel’s name again, saying, “Our trip to celebrate… uh… The View‘s 25th season- we came here to the Baha Mar…um…”

Then, Goldberg reached for the words unsuccessfully before co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in and finished her sentence. “Resort,” Hostin said.

“Resort,” Whoopi yelled. She laughed and added, “Paradise! There’s so many words but I can’t think of them all.” However, this wasn’t Whoopi’s only blunder during the Bahamas week so far. Keep reading to find out what other verbal miscue Goldberg said.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Funny Mispronunciation

On Tuesday, The View hosted guests Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers. Both Yang and Rogers are famous for their podcast called “Las Culturistas.” Whoopi Goldberg was tasked with introducing the pair to the show, and she flubbed the name of the podcast.

She attempted to say the name, running over it multiple times. She was only able to say “Las Cultur-astas.” Co-host Ana Navarro, who herself is Nicaraguan-American, hopped in to save Goldberg. Once Navarro correctly pronounced the name of the podcast, Goldberg remarked, “well, I was hoping you would say it!”

However, both guests were very gracious. Both Yang and Rogers comforted Goldberg for her error. Rogers said, “My dad can’t even say the name of the podcast, either.”

Whoopi laughed and continued. “My lips just failed. Periodically, I’m all ready to do it, and then I go, ‘[makes mumbled noises].’

Yang, in a comforting spirit, told Goldberg that she should think about “all the words [she’s] said correctly in [her] life.”

Fans of The View have also been upset with another mishap that’s taken place in the Bahamas. The first episode started with an announcement that Tyra Banks would be joining the show. However, later in the broadcast, Goldberg revealed that Banks would not be appearing.