‘The Voice’ Alum Adam Levine Opens Up About New Tequila

by Maggie Schneider

“The Voice” alum and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is introducing his new brand of pink tequila to fans. It’s a beautiful shade of pink!

“The Voice” alum Adam Levine has announced a new business venture. The Maroon 5 frontman and his wife have launched their own tequila brand, Calirosa. What’s special about it, you ask? The couple’s tequila is a beautiful shade of blush pink.

The tequila’s shade comes from how it is aged. The process occurs in red wine barrels instead of whiskey barrels, which is what gives the alcohol its pink hue.

The Story Behind The Tequila

In an interview with Travel and Leisure, the couple talks about what inspired them to create Calirosa.

“In Mexico, we relax and drink tequila,” “The Voice” coach begins. “I’ve always loved good tequila and there’s no shortage of it when you’re in Mexico. When we were first introduced to rosa tequila, the coloration immediately stood out and we loved the distinct taste. As we learned more about the unique red wine barrel aging process, we got really excited around the idea of needing to share it wider, and that turned into Calirosa.”

Levine’s wife and Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo talks about what it’s like running a business together.

“Working together has been so fun! Adam and I are like yin and yang,” she says. “He is more behind the scenes and creative, whereas I’m more social. I’ll go out and sell the tequila — I feel like the Calirosa saleswoman! We have figured out that we work well together and we have the same mind, so we can troubleshoot really well. If there’s something I don’t like, he listens, and vice versa. Adam’s my best friend and we both love tequila so much, so it’s been a really cool adventure to do this as a couple together. It’s really become like our third baby!”

You can buy your own bottle of Calirosa here.

Will Adam Levine Return To ‘The Voice?’

“The Voice” alum says that it is “highly unlikely” that he returns to the singing competition. In an Instagram story back in 2020, a fan begged him to take back his judging chair. Levine did not seem too excited about the idea.

“No thank you,” Levine quickly said.

The star departed from the NBC show in 2019. He appeared in 16 seasons of the singing competition, but only a three-time winning coach. Country star Blake Shelton has won eight seasons of “The Voice.” Kelly Clarkson follows him with four wins.

Fans hope Levine changes his mind about returning to the singing competition. Until then, they’ll support his other endeavors.