‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds End Tonight: Watch This Amazing Preview of the Performances

by Anna Dunn

The battle rounds of The Voice end tonight. The show has posted an exciting preview of the performances leading up to the event. The battle rounds are the first part of the competition following the blind auditions. Following the battle rounds, the remaining competitors duke it out in the knockouts. Both competitions are fierce.

The preview gives fan a sneak peak of one of the performances on team Ariana. Ariana has to make the hard decision of who she wants to stay on her team and who she’s sending out the door. Of course, the clip cuts right before Ariana makes her decision, so you’ll have to tune in to see who wins.

Last Night’s Episode Saw an Epic and Long-Promised Steal

In last night’s episode, one coach made good on their promise to steal one of Blake Shelton’s team members following a fierce battle between Blake Shelton team members Manny Keith and Wendy Moten. Blake wound up choosing Moten as the winner, leaving Manny Keith available to steal.

Ariana Grande, loving Keith’s performance and knowing he was a huge fan of hers, made good on a promise of hers from the blind auditions and decided to go with the steal.

“I think he can absolutely shine in his own right if given the chance to do so,” she said in the episode.

Wendy Moten was an incredibly challenging person to go up against. The singer has been a fan-favorite since her jaw-dropping blind audition, and Blake Shelton sang major praises for her last night.

“Wendy is one of the most incredible vocalists I’ve ever heard in my life,” he said. Many fans think Moten has definite winner potential, so it’s going to be all eyes on her in the knockout rounds.

‘The Voice’ Has Tapped a Huge Celeb to be a Knockout Round “Mega Mentor’

The Voice loves calling in celebrity guests to help mentor the singers along the way. The Knockout rounds typically have a mega mentor that helps guide all singers on their journey. This year, the show is bringing in famous singer Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran is known for his hit songs Perfect, and Shape of You. He’s a four-time Grammy award winner. Like Ariana Grande, he’s popular with younger generations. He should be able to provide some great vocal insight for the hopeful singers as they head into yet another cutthroat round of competition.

The final battle round episode premieres tonight at 8/7 Central on NBC. If you want to catch the knockout episodes with Ed Sheeran, they start next Monday at 8/7 central.