‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Jokes About the Show Replacing Him

by Samantha Whidden

He has been a coach on NBC’s The Voice for 21 seasons, but even country singer Blake Shelton is joking about how long the network will keep him on the hit series. 

On Friday Shelton and the new The Voice coach, Ariana Grande, have reportedly been chatting about how she may oust him from his seat on the singing competition’s stage. Most recently, Grande shared a screenshot of a hilarious exchange between her and the country singer, which showed Shelton sending her a snapshot of an article titled, “Producers at The Voice May Replace Blake Shelton After Ariana Grande Brings Fresh Energy.”

The long time The Voice coach responded to the article by stating, “Thanks a lot, Ari… Thank a f—ing lot.”

The duo has hilariously been joking around about Grande’s The Voice gig. She even posted a hilarious Mean Girls parody, featuring Shelton as “the girl who can’t be trusted.” Season 21 of The Voice kicked off earlier this week. The coaches this season with Grande and Shelton are John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. 

Blake Shelton Shares How ‘The Voice’ Has Changed Over the Years

In an April 2021 Q&A with POPSUGAR, Blake Shelton opened up about how The Voice has changed over the years. “I can’t speak for anybody else – well, I’ll speak for Adam [Levine] – we both kinda thought the show was pretty ridiculous,” Shelton declared. He went into depth about how he thought the red chairs looked like something from Star Trek. 

“Our back is to the artist. You hit this button and it just felt very game showy to us,” The Voice coach admitted. But at the same time, I think [Adam and I] needed a job. So it was like, ‘hell yeah, Christina Aguilera is doing it. I’ll do it.’”

Shelton also admitted that he and Levine actually didn’t take The Voice seriously at the beginning. The show also became much more comical over time. “That’s where all the joking kinda started from,” Shelton recalled. “Jabbing each other and making fun of each other. That’s kinda how the ball got rolling.”

The Voice coach goes on to state that with each new personality the show brings into the mix, it turns into a different thing every time the production team does that. “Whether it’s a new coach, or, my god, having Snoop Dogg here.  When this show ends someday or they fire me or whatever happens, I’ll look back at that always and go, ‘My God, I sat in a chair next to Snoop Dogg.’”

Shelton goes on to add, “I’ve been [on the show] for 20 seasons. I don’t know how the show has evolved. I just know it’s been awesome to be a part of it.”