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‘The Voice’ Clears Competition in Key Demo and Viewership Numbers

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

As “The Voice” narrowed down the competition from the Top 11 to the Top 10, it swept the ratings for all Tuesday shows.

According to Deadline, the demo rating for “The Voice” was 0.7, which was the highest of the night but still a tenth below last week’s demo rating. ABC’s “The Bachelorette” followed closely behind with 0.6, while CBS’s “FBI” topped the third spot with 0.4. All of the shows for the rest of the night boasted a 0.4 rating or lower.

In terms of viewership, “The Voice” still held strong with 6 million viewers. But Deadline reported that this was a 9% decrease compared to last week. No other shows last night topped 5 million, with “FBI” coming in at 4.91, NBC’s “La Brea” coming in at 4.19, and “FBI: International” coming in at 3.36 million. “The Bachelorette” came in on the lower end with viewership at just 2.6 million.

ABC’s other show, “Queens,” recorded a series low in terms of rating and viewership last night. Just 0.1 in demo ratings and 1.07 million viewers.

Who Made It Into the Top 10 on ‘The Voice’ Last Night?

Part of the reason why “The Voice” was so explosive in terms of ratings and viewership last night was because it was a results episode. Fans found out which singer would NOT advance into the Top 10, and which would.

Fans had the option of an Instant Save last night, voting to choose which of the bottom two would advance to next week. Team Kelly Clarkson member Gymani shared the bottom two with father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen from Team Ariana Grande.

Unfortunately, fans sent home Gymani, despite her unique voice. That left Clarkson with only three contestants to advance into the Top 10 next week. Jeremy Rosado, Hailey Mia, and trio Girl Named Tom advanced from Team Kelly.

Fellow “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton also saw three of his contestants advance to the Top 10. Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, and Lana Scott all crushed it this week, and we’ll see them next week too.

For coach John Legend, Jershika Maple and Joshua Vacanti will move forward on the show. And Grande still has Holly Forbes and Jim and Sasha Allen in the competition. If Jim and Sasha had gone home instead of Gymani, Grande would’ve had just one last hope in Forbes.

This season has one of the strongest groups of contestants the show’s ever seen, however. It could be anyone’s game, from any team, though a few coaches do have standout performers.

Shelton’s Wendy Moten has a high chance of winning it all (despite taking a frightening spill on the stage last night). Forbes could be a serious contender, as could Clarkson’s trio Girl Named Tom. And Joshua Vacanti from Team Legend shouldn’t be written off so quickly either.