‘The Voice’ Coach Ariana Grande Loses Wig During Trivia Competition Against Kelly Clarkson and John Legend

by Samantha Whidden

Things got a little crazy while The Voice coaches Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend visited Jimmy Fallon’s new show That’s My Jam.

According to Entertainment Tonight, during a game called Air Guitar, Fallon challenged The Voice coaches to pair off into teams and answer various music trivia questions. Seems easy right? Well, with each right answer, the opposing team risks the chance of getting “rocked” by Fallon’s guitar. The guitar notably shoots out confetti at the opponents. Grande and Shelton lost and the guitar “rocked” them so hard that Grande’s rockstar wig flew off her head. 

The hilarious moment caused Clarkson to bust out laughing and she pointed out the hilarious incident. “It blew your wig off,” Clarkson declared while cackling. In response, Grande stated, “How is that a  thing? Oh my god.”

After the incident, The Voice coaches continued to play the game, but Grande and Shelton were once again blasted with the guitar. And Grande’s wig blew right off again. 

‘The Voice’ Coaches Discuss Ariana Grande’s Emotional First Season of Coaching 

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, all four The Voice coaches spoke about Ariana Grande’s emotional first season of coaching. The singer was notably named a new coach this past summer. She joined Shelton, Legend, and Clarkson for the show’s 21st season. 

Fellow The Voice coach Legend stated that the artists this season are connected with the music and put themselves out there to make the coaches feel it. “We get to know them. We get to know their stories. And get to know why those songs mean something to them.”

Legend also pointed that The Voice coaches really feel the emotion of the contestant’s performances. “Particularly for Ariana, being a new coach and falling in love with her artists. And then finding out she has to send one home every time. It’s pretty tough. And you can see how emotional that is for her.”

Clarkson also agreed with her fellow The Voice coach and said it doesn’t get any easier over time. “You’re just at least used to it. You start to be like, ‘It’s a game. It’s a game’ But it’s hard that first season.”

The Voice veteran then shared that making tough calls to cut her team members during the Battle and Knockout rounds is rough. “You never want to have someone feel like this moment. In the context of this competition, has anything to do with their talent and how amazing they are.”

Clarkson spoke about Shadal’s performance during the Knockouts round. “That’s the thing about The Voice that I love most. A lot of people can sing. But you find those gems that can really move you.”