‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton Says Superhero Movies Inspired New Music Video

by Maggie Schneider

“The Voice” coach Blake Shelton’s new music video is inspired by two of his passions: the country lifestyle and Marvel.

“The Voice” coach Blake Shelton is a country boy. There is no denying it. His new single is titled “Come Back as a Country Boy” after all. Who knew the music video would be so action-packed? Surprisingly, Shelton’s love of Marvel superheroes sets the scene.

“Why can’t just a country guy have superpowers?” Shelton asks. “Now wouldn’t that be cool if just a good ol’ country boy could do things like, you know, push over a giant tree, or with just one swath of his hand, rake up an entire river up on the bank?”

The music video takes place at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma. Although some CGI and special effects were used in post-production, the fire in the video is real. “The Voice” coach says he got a little too close to the flames.

“Too close for comfort, I’ll tell you that,” he says. “We were able to shoot for seconds at a time before I’m like, ‘Hold up, oh my god, I’m dying.'”

A “Behind The Scenes” video shows Shelton up close and personal with the fire. We can only wonder if he felt like Deadpool up there.

“And I just, I realized after awhile I’m just gonna go with it no matter how stupid I feel in this moment, and I’m just gonna do it and hope that they make it look cool in the end,” the singer says.

All in all, the video stays true to who Shelton is as a country boy. He is happy with the end product. “I knew I wanted to do something authentic to me.”

‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton’s New Single

“Come Back as a Country Boy” is Blake Shelton’s new single. “The Voice” coach hopes that fans of Hank Williams Jr. and Lynyrd Skynyrd will listen and enjoy the track. He also sees similarities between his new single and an earlier tune, “God’s Country.”

“This particular song is as least a first cousin to ‘God’s Country,'” Shelton says. “And that’s what excites me about it the most. We were able to tap into something with ‘God’s Country’ that really fired up, I think, just the country fanbase in general.”

Performing the track on The Tonight Show and The Ellen DeGenerous Show, Shelton is doing everything he can to promote the single. In its release week, “Come Back as a Country Boy” was added to 197 charts. He hopes the song continues to resonate with fans.

“It doesn’t have as much of a rock edge as ‘God’s Country’ did, but it’s got the same kind of personality. It’s an anthem.”