‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton Stuns in Throwback Canadian Tuxedo Photo

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

Someone once said that fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. Country singer and television personality, Blake Shelton, proves that in a recent Twitter post.

It may only be Tuesday, but this is still a throwback. In the photo, a young, long-haired Blake Shelton poses in a cowboy hat, boots, and a full denim outfit. No one ever said Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were the only ones who could make all-denim work.

His caption reads, “What do y’all mean juits were so last year?”

Well, I’ve never heard of a “juit,” but apparently they’re coming back in style. According to the comments, fans can’t get enough of the “God’s Country” singer’s throwback look. One fan said: “Denim Tuxedo!! Those things never go out of style in Oklahoma. We would love to see you and @gwenstefani have matching ones.”

Gwen Stefani Praises Husband Blake Shelton

Even though Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were not an item when he wore the denim suit, there’s only a small amount of doubt that she would’ve been happy to match it up with him. However, before meeting the country singer in person, she didn’t know he was.

“I didn’t know Blake. I didn’t even know that he existed as a human, let alone an artist,” she told the Apple Music radio show, From Apple Music With Love.

She goes on to say that the more she watched Blake Shelton on TV, the more she found his looks and personality quite attractive. Well, Outsiders, it looks like that attraction is still there.

Blake Shelton is One of the Top 10 Highest-Paid Musicians in 2021

With album after albums flying off the shelf and a reality-television gig, Blake Shelton seems pretty unbeatable these days.

According to a recent report, the “The Voice” host has a net worth of $83 million in 2021. This income earned him the #9 spot on the highest-paid celebrity list. He also passed Taylor Swift, who earned $80 million last year.

Even though the last two years haven’t led to many tours due to COVID-19, musicians still made honest money.

In a recent Rolling Stones article, readers find out who the 10 highest-paid musicians in 2021 were. They mentioned that these artists brought in a total of $2.3 billion. Surprisingly, this total is more than double the amount before the pandemic hit. Some of that praise goes to Blake Shelton’s fire music!

The founder and CEO of Round Hill Music, Josh Gruss provided Rolling Stones with an inside look at the streaming investments. “

“These are almost like pieces of art, there’s a finite number of real, super-high-quality hit songs from the past and there’s this sort of all-out grab to own those rights. It’s a very steady stream of revenue that’s there, and that makes it very attractive for investment,” he said.

So basically, when an artist releases a song that record labels believe could be a hit, they take a chance and invest in it. Which many artists likely agreed to since tours got put on hold.

Maybe that helped Blake Shelton out after COVID claimed so many artists’ music.