‘The Voice’ Coach Kelly Clarkson Gets Major Win in Divorce Case, Judge Says Montana Ranch Is Hers

by Shelby Scott

Kelly Clarkson has a lot to celebrate following the latest season premiere of NBC‘s “The Voice.” The pop star kicked off the season premiere with a stellar performance alongside this year’s newest “The Voice” coach, Ariana Grande. Additionally, she recently saw herself declared legally single, further severing her ties to her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Now, the beloved “The Voice” coach has taken home another win concerning the battle over the ex-couple’s Montana ranch.

Judges officially ruled the ranch, which Clarkson previously cited as a financial burden amid the divorce, hers. The move gives her the right to do as she wishes with it. However, TMZ previously reported Blackstock ignited further issues amid divorce proceedings concerning ownership of the ranch. The outlet stated he had contended the Montana ranch was marital property belonging to both himself and Clarkson jointly. The claim therefore gave the former producer the right to take up residence on the property.

However, things for Blackstock look much different now. Court officials have made new rulings surrounding the ex-couple’s prenuptial agreement. The agreement states items and properties each party acquired during the marriage belongs solely to that person. As far as the ranch goes, that belongs to no one but Kelly Clarkson.

This creates a bit of a living situation for Blackstock. The former manager has occupied the ranch throughout the length of the divorce proceedings. Making matters worse, TMZ reported Kelly Clarkson considers her ex-husband a “squatter,” and may be considering taking legal action to have him removed from the property.

Kelly Clarkson Takes Million Dollar Hit Amid Divorce Proceedings

There’s no doubt Kelly Clarkson’s divorce case from Brandon Blackstock has picked up pace in recent months. Further, it appears she has scored win after win as legal proceedings have ensued. However, as a multimillionaire, one of the pop star’s many shoes are bound to drop eventually.

While the singer has definitely seen quite a collection of wins throughout her divorce recently, she did take a million-dollar hit on one front. The singer now looks to sell her Montana ranch, alongside her recently sold Tennessee mansion. Additionally, Clarkson also sold off her Los Angeles mansion last month, though it sold for more than $1 million less the asking price.

Clarkson initially listed the enormous home for sale last May with an asking price of $9.95 million. Ultimately, “The Voice” host garnered a little more than $8 million in the sale.

Further, with the sale of her California mansion alongside child support costs previously paid to her ex-husband, she’s continued to take some pretty straining financial hits.

Nevertheless, things are slowly looking up for Kelly Clarkson and it appears, should progress in divorce proceedings continue as they’ve been, she should see herself officially severed from Blackstock in no time.