‘The Voice’ Coach Kelly Clarkson Reveals How Chris Stapleton Collaboration Came to Be

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to Christmas wishes and getting what you want from Santa, perhaps no one made out better than The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson this year.

Her one wish, according to a recent Instagram video was to get a duet with Chris Stapleton. Clarkson is one of the best when it comes to the holiday season. You put her voice up with Chris Stapleton’s and that is a duet made in heaven. The two rocked out on Glow which was released in the middle of October.

While answering some fan questions, one fan asked how the duet came about. Honestly, it wasn’t all that complicated. Clarkson simply reached out to Stapleton and the two talked about it. While she thought it would be a long shot, it turns out that things went pretty well. Check out the video below.

“Oh my gosh, the Chris Stapleton duet y’all,” The Voice star said in the video. “I knew he was going to say no, right? I just asked, that was what I wanted from Santa Claus this year was for him to sing with me. It was so awesome, he responded so quickly. I asked if he’d sing the song, “Glow” with me, and he said yes, and it’s so magical and I love his voice.”

Now, who doesn’t love Chris Stapleton’s voice? Honestly, this was just a duo that works perfectly, and I didn’t even know this was something the country music world needed. However, now that it is out in the world, I can’t imagine a world without it.

Kelly Clarkson’s caption said it best. “Moral o the story: I just asked… and I’m so glad I did! [Chris Stapleton] sounds amazing.”

Kelly Clarkson Gives Holiday Finale on ‘The Voice’

Like I said, few do it better than Kelly Clarkson around Christmas time. The Voice coach made sure to end the season with some holiday cheer. When she took the stage during the final episode of the season, she did it in style and with a lot of holiday spice.

Clarkson belted out a rendition of Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You). In a sparkly red dress, she looked like a modern and young Mrs. Claus. The song isn’t about cancel culture, but it is about telling that guy or girl that’s been bringing you down to leave you alone and not ruin the holiday. Christmas is a time to celebrate and be merry, not get down in the dumps.

Christmas breakup songs can be some of the more interesting and fun. A little attitude and sass are needed sometimes around the holidays. The performance was festive, it was awesome to see the set and the backup dancers, and of course, it was just right for the pre-holiday finale and a good sendoff into the offseason for The Voice.