The Voice’ Coach Makes Good on Promise to Steal Blake Shelton Team Member on Monday’s Battle Round

by Courtney Blackann

The battle round is probably the most bittersweet moment of “The Voice” competition. Two (usually incredible) singers go up against one another singing a tune picked by their coach. It’s usually a song that’s out of the singers’ comfort zone or pushes them vocally. However, it’s always fun to see what kind of spin the competitor’s can put on the song to make it their own. Despite this, at the very end, their coach can only choose one performer to advance.

During Monday night’s two-hour episode, Blake Shelton had an extremely tough call to make when he put two very different vocalists together. Both Manny Keith, 31 and Wendy Moten, 55 went head to head with Sting’s “If I Ever Lose You.” For Blake Shelton, Wendy just knocked it out of the park.

Praise for Battle Round Duos

‘Wendy is one of the most incredible vocalists I’ve ever heard in my life,’ Blake said after the performance ended. He ended up naming her the winner.

However, it wasn’t the end for Manny Keith. After learning he was a huge fan of Ariana Grande, the newcomer judge used her final steal to add the 31-year-old to her team.

‘I think he can absolutely shine in his own right if given the chance to do so,’ Ariana said.

For the first two seasons of “The Voice,” judges didn’t have any steals during the battle round portion of the competition. During season three, each judge was allowed two steals to change up the game – and give performers another chance if they felt it was owed.

Other performances for the night sang songs by Taylor Swift, Vince Gill, Olivia Rodrigo, Khalid and Tate McRae and Rose Royce. Each performer was able to demonstrate their spin on the hits and push themselves vocally in order to impress the judges.

In addition to Manny Keith, Hailey Mia was stolen from Ariana Grande’s team after she sang “Car Wash” against Raquel Trinidad.

“The Voice” Standout Performance

As they narrow down the competition to find the new ‘Voice’ champion, one performance from Monday evening especially stood out. Team Blake’s Carson Peters, 17, and Clint Sherman, 26, performed Vince Gill’s “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away,” and absolutely rocked the house.

Blake had such a tough time choosing between the two, who put their own variation on the country song.

“I loved Carson in the blinds. I turned for him, and I think he’s a fantastic talent, fun to watch, electric energy,” fellow coach John Legend said. “But Clint, you were so confident. Your tone sounded so rich and powerful. You shocked me, man.”

Blake said the performance was incredible.

“I figured it would be more down the middle sound like Vince Gill,” Shelton said. “And found a whole other different sound that Carson has that he implemented into the song. I saw two totally different things than I thought I would and I loved both of them. You guys stepped up to the plate and did it so thank you. Great job.”

Ultimately, “The Voice” judge chose Carson to continue on in the competition, however, being so young, they both undoubtedly have bright futures ahead of them.