‘The Voice’ Coach Says One of This Season’s Competitors Has ‘Beyonce Jr. Vibes’

by Megan Molseed

This season’s The Voice Battles brought some pretty amazing competitions to the popular contest stage.

In fact, The Voice host John Legend even went so far as to say that one of the singers has “Beyonce Jr. vibes.”

A big compliment coming from this bunch of judges!

On Saturday, October 23, The Voice’s Twitter page shared a clip of a recent Battle episode from the popular singing contest series.

In the clip, we see a The Voice contestant as she absolutely nails a version of “One Last Time.” A song made popular by The Voice’s newest judge, Arian Grande.

“The talent this season is outstanding,” says the Saturday evening Twitter post.

In the video, John Legend starts out by noting that The Voice judges have seen some amazing talent grace the stage over the most recent season.

‘The Voice’ Has One Of the Show’s Best Seasons

“It’s one of our best seasons,” the longtime singer and songwriter says in the clip.

“There are some real strong battles happening,” Legend continues as the clip fades into a The Voice Battle between contestants Janora Brown and Shadale.

Ultimately, Shadale advanced over Janora Brown.

“Shadale you have this approach to music that, it just feels like love. And connection, and celebration,” John Legend tells the singer in the clip.

“It’s that star power, it’s the beauty of her tone,” John Legend explains of why he picked Shadale in the battle. “She gives me a little Beyonce Jr. vibe.”

Now that the Battle portion of The Voice is complete, the contestants are gearing up for the Knockout rounds. And, one of the judges from the hit NBC show is not looking forward to the decision he faces choosing between performers.

‘Knockout Rounds’ Bring Some Tough Choices

In a recent Twitter post, The Voice shows us one of the performances we can expect to see in next week’s first The Voice Knockout Rounds.

And, the performers did so well, Blake Shelton says he is facing a “soul-crushing” choice going forward.

“These performances leave @BlakeShelton with a soul-crushing decision to make,” says The Voice’s Twitter page.

In the clip, Hailey Green starts out the clip with her performance of Blake Shelton’s hit song, God’s Country. The young singer nails the performance.

The other performer, Libianca, went with the Billie Eilish tune every thing i wanted.

And, of course, Libianca wowed the judges and the crowd with her performance.

The other judges on The Voice did give their feedback to the performers. However, the final decision is ultimately up to Blake Shelton to make.