‘The Voice’ Coaches Reveal Their Final Knockout Pairings

by Shelby Scott

It’s been an exciting season of “The Voice” so far over on NBC, between the incredibly talented vocalists and the milestone event showcasing the series’ 500th episode. Now, however, we head into another new episode this week. As such, our esteemed “The Voice” coaches have shared their final knockout pairings. You can check out the clip below, but if you’re anxious to know, here are the stats.

John Legend is set to pit vocalists Samara Brown and Shadale against each other while later seeing competition between teammates, stolen team member Jershika Maple and fan-favorite Paris Winningham.

Country icon Blake Shelton has placed “The Voice” contestants Carson Peters against Lana Scott. Additionally, we’ll also see battles between his team members, Berritt Haynes and Peedy Chavis.

Ariana Grande plans to hit “The Voice” viewers with performances by Bella DeNapoli versus Katherine Ann Mohler. Her second pairing features Manny Keith, and Jim and Sasha Allen.

And finally, we have Coach Kelly Clarkson. Her team’s knockout pair consists Jeremy Rosado versus Xavier Cornell.

With so many talented pairs and individuals, the upcoming episode promises to be both exciting and excruciating. Audiences will be forced to say goodbye to some of our fan-favorite acts. Nevertheless, “The Voice” is all about the music. Simply hearing such talented artists perform iconic songs across genres will definitely serve as a treat in itself.

‘The Voice’s’ Blake Shelton Brought to Near-Tears in Knockout Performance

As is typically the case across shows like “The Voice” featuring talented artists and vocalists, this season has seen some incredibly talented individuals hit the stage. As such, it’s made for some pretty difficult decisions for our show coaches, one of them nearly brought to tears following Monday night’s episode.

Within the music industry, as well as on “The Voice,” fans of Blake Shelton know the 6’6 singer for his immediately recognizable vocals and his love for humor and sarcasm. However, on Monday night, when team members Jonathan Moutan and Wendy Moten debuted their renditions of “I Can See Clearly” and “Ain’t No Way,” the artist became instantly emotional.

Of Moutan’s performance, the country star said, “You stepped out here, and that was incredible,” a simple yet grand compliment from the musical artist.

On the other hand, Shelton immediately conveyed his thoughts regarding Moten’s performance. He quipped, “Can you please hold some meet-and-greet passes for Kelly and me for your tour?” spotlighting the artist while simultaneously highlighting his longtime friendship with Clarkson.

Now, as we wait for the Monday night episode of “The Voice” this week, we can only wonder what the results are following the upcoming battles. Outsiders should be sure to check back here for any and all “The Voice” updates.