‘The Voice’ Contestant Denies That He Ignored Coach’s Hug After Being Eliminated

by Amy Myers

Elimination rounds are always the hardest parts for any talent judge on reality shows. The Voice judge Ariana Grande found out firsthand just how emotional this moment can be after her two teammates, Chavon Rodgers and David Vogel performed “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy. Following the all-star duet, all four judges scrambled to give the fledgling singers any significant constructive criticism, leaving Grande with a difficult decision.

Rodgers ended up winning the popular vote with the three judges surrounding his voice coach. However, Grande ultimately chose Vogel because she believed that his voice was ready for “pop radio” today.

As devastating as the loss was, the former The Voice contestant took the loss graciously and expressed his admiration for Grande. That’s why the pop star was so surprised when Rodgers swiftly exited the stage without meeting her open arms for a final hug.

Of course, Grande’s fans on social media were ready to blast The Voice contestant for snubbing the petite pop star. But before they could compose a mean-spirited message, Rodger clarified what happened in his own post on Instagram.

In his story, Rodgers told followers, “I had my eyes down… When I got backstage, a producer told me what happened and I was devastated.”

Meanwhile, in the caption of a photo from Rodger’s last performance, he again shared his appreciation for his coach.

“@arianagrande you are truly a wonderful, kind, genuine, and caring human. Thank you for letting me be a part of your team. I can’t believe I got to work with you and learn from you. Mind blown. I have so much respect and appreciation for you. Love you coach,” Rodgers wrote. “Ps: I am so sorry I’m blind. I will make up for that hug I missed the first chance I get.”

Why ‘The Voice’ Judge Favored Vogel Over Rodgers in Battle Round

Throughout their feedback, The Voice judges applauded both performers for their differences in tone and how well the two voices mended together. Country star Blake Shelton even expressed that Rodgers and Vogel sounded like a professional band together. Clearly, the on-stage chemistry was working.

As good as the two sounded together, though, Grande could sense that Rodgers wouldn’t sound as great if he stood on the stage by himself. While Rodgers certainly had a cool, grittiness to his voice, Vogel could hit all the high notes he needed and enunciated the lyrics much better. The consensus seemed to be that Vogel was the better option between The Voice competitors in regards to pop music qualities.

Grande was, of course, sad to see the contestant go. However, she promised that she would attend both competitors’ shows regardless of the outcome of The Voice. She insisted that the two would see so much of her that they would grow tired of spotting her in the audience.

Watch the epic battle between Vogel and Rodgers in the clip below.