‘The Voice’ Contestant Wendy Moten Says Sister Helped Her Through Injuries

by Kati Michelle

When it comes to “The Voice,” people from all walks of life find their way to the show to try and catch their big break. One of the most impressive contestants of 2021, Wendy Moten, blew fans away from the very start. Unfortunately for her, though, November 23rd marked a terrible accident on stage. As she showed off her incredible pipes, the star appeared to trip over something on stage and then proceeded to take a tumble.

At the time, Host Carson Daly tried to ease the viewers by explaining, “We’re clearing the stage. We have some people coming to help now.” He then commented further on the situation, saying, “An unfortunate event for Wendy Moten. She’s walking off. We hope she’s okay…” And by Moten’s own handling of the situation, you probably would have thought she recovered unscathed. However, it has since been revealed that the singer actually got a different “break” than the one she was looking for. She sustained a broken elbow and multiple injuries, which she says her sister has helped her through.

‘The Voice’ Contestant Reveals the True Extent of Her Injuries

In talking to Parade, Wendy Moten revealed: “I fell hard, and I broke my right elbow, and it dislocated two times. My left hand is fractured, and a little piece is broken, so my sister Mona is out here helping me.”

“She really got me through,” Moten describes. “She flew out on Thanksgiving Day. It took her away from the family and she’s been a real trooper.”

Moten also revealed the path to recovery ahead. “I have to go to the doctor this week and they want the swelling to go down and they’ll figure out what’s what.”

Still, she doesn’t want fans to count her out just yet.

“I’m ready to address it and be smart about it and take it day by day,” the singer reveals.

Looking Ahead

Wendy Moten joined “Team Blake” this season with Blake Shelton as her mentor. He and the fans knew she was something special from the very start. Last night on “The Voice” just proved how far she’s come. Moten made it to the final five on the show. She shared the major milestone with her Instagram fans earlier today and couldn’t stop gushing about it in the caption.

Check it out:

It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but she’s rocking blinged-out casts on both arms. She shared a clearer photo as part of a series of snaps and videos on her Instagram Story. At this time, it seems it’s full speed ahead for the finale. As long as her medical team clears it, that is.