‘The Voice’ Crushed in TV Ratings on Tuesday Night, See the Numbers

by Jennifer Shea

“The Voice” is crushing it in TV ratings this week, with 6.7 million total viewers and a 0.8 demo rating that puts it in the demo lead for Tuesday night.

Those numbers represent a steep increase from last week’s show, according to TVLine. And they suggest that the NBC singing competition is still going strong, even 21 seasons in. Still, its 6.7 million came in just a few hundred thousand viewers behind CBS’s “FBI,” which drew 7 million viewers Tuesday, the most of the night.

Read a summary of the results of Tuesday night’s competition on “The Voice” here.   

‘The Voice’ Coaches Debate Who Is the Most and Least Reactive

Meanwhile, the coaches of “The Voice” are having a good time whittling down the contenders, although some of them find the process more emotionally taxing than others. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, coaches Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande debated who seems most engaged in the contest. Grande admitted it’s been an emotional season for her, and she ribbed Shelton a little for his seeming lack of emotional involvement. Shelton, naturally, was unrepentant.

“It’s only been emotional for me,” Grande said. “Not for him.”

“I don’t think I’ve cried one time,” Shelton admitted gamely. “My drink did get emptied one time halfway through an audition, and that made me sad. But you’ve actually been emotional for the right reasons.”

But as far as emotional reactions go, they agreed their fellow coach Kelly Clarkson takes the cake.

“Kelly like jumps up out of her chair,” Shelton added. “She can’t ever play anything cool.”

“It’s wonderful, though,” Grande said. “It makes people feel so good about it, you know.” She told Shelton he’s too “jaded” to react much by now.

John [Legend] doesn’t react to anything, by the way,” Shelton said. “That’s the clearest answer. If you said, ‘Who has the least reaction to anything?’ It’s John Legend.”

Show’s Tuesday Ratings Are Up Over Monday Night’s

Besides showing a steep jump from last week, Tuesday’s ratings also represented an improvement over Monday night’s numbers. To start off the week, “The Voice” was tied with “9-1-1” and “Dancing with the Stars” for the No. 1 spot.

On Monday night, “The Voice” stayed about even in its demo rating compared to last Monday, but it saw declines in overall viewers. “Dancing with the Stars” was in the same boat.

As far as overall viewership went, “NCIS” claimed the most viewers on Monday night. At 7.06 million viewers, it bested “The Voice” (5.98 million) by a solid million or so.