‘The Voice’: Ed Sheeran’s Mic Malfunctions During Performance at Season 21 Finale

by Jennifer Shea
Karwai Tang/WireImage

It was an eventful Season 21 finale at The Voice, complete with emotional performances and equipment malfunctions. Frustratingly for fans, what should have been a major highlight of the evening was marred by a muted mic.

Season 21 mega mentor Ed Sheeran was back for the season finale of The Voice. And he was all ready to perform his new single “Shivers!”. But then some sort of technical glitch caused his mike to go mute for the first half of the song, per ET.

Sheeran went with the flow and ad-libbed until the sound was restored. But the technical snafu really affected his performance. What gives, production crew? Check it out in the early moments of the video below.

Twitter Reacts to Ed Sheeran’s Mike Malfunction

Needless to say, Sheeran’s mic malfunction did not go unnoticed. Many viewers of The Voice weighed in on the technical hiccup on social media, voicing sympathy or lambasting Sheeran depending upon their mood.

“ED SHEERAN’S MICROPHONE ISN’T WORKING IM WHEEZING,” one Twitter user posted in reaction to the development.

“Was it just me or Ed Sheeran mic was off,” another tweep wondered.

“chile not ED SHEERAN’s mic not WORKING?!” yet another Twitter user exclaimed.

“It’s so embarassing that his mic isn’t work LOL. Overrated,” another user added in a scathing tweet.

As for Sheeran himself? He’s too busy plugging his many projects on Twitter to join in on the commentary.

The Voice Season Finale Features Many Hit Performers

Besides Sheeran, The Voice’s season finale featured plenty of top-shelf talent. Coldplay and BTS opened the episode with a special collaboration.

Following them were Walker Hayes, Matthew McConaughey and Nick Kroll, the latter two of whom introduced Keke Palmer and Tori Kelly, who performed the duet “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

Meanwhile, coach John Legend joined Carrie Underwood onstage for their award-winning duet “Hallelujah,” from Underwood’s album My Gift. Plus, former The Voice coach Alicia Keys performed a special version of her new song, titled “Old Memories.”

As for the current coaches, Ariana Grande revealed that while she felt bad that none of her team members had made it to the season finale, she was “so blessed” to have appeared on The Voice as a coach.

“I wouldn’t change anything about it,” she said. “I know I’m out of the running in a big way, but I had the most beautiful time, and I feel like I got to do some really special work with these artists. And I will continue to know and work with them, and I care deeply about them.”  

“I made incredible friendships, and learned so much from [the other coaches],” she concluded. “I’m so blessed to have been a part of it, and it was a very cherished experience to me.”