‘The Voice’ Fans Applaud Kelly Clarkson’s Peculiar Fashion Choice

by Madison Miller

Kelly Clarkson certainly knows how to make an appearance each time she shows up to film an episode of the popular singing competition, “The Voice.” She also knows how to pick winning contestants, seeing as she recently walked away with her fourth win thanks to the trio a Girl Named Tom.

Besides her ability to coach amazing talents, fans have been applauding Clarkson’s unique fashion sense.

Kelly Clarkson Interesting Fashion Sense

In addition to being a coach on “The Voice,” Clarkson is also the host of her own very popular daytime talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” Here she talks with famous celebrity guests and also sings cover songs in her Kellyoke segment. Regardless of what she’s doing, fans tend to recognize the outfits she puts together.

On January 12, Clarkson wore a black maxi dress with colorful stars all across the outfit. The dress also had a V-neckline, buttons, and some colored tassels hanging at the cuffs. All in all, it was a “different” outfit, but fans of the talk show host adored the look.

Her dress was a main part of the show that day. The show’s official Instagram account even shared a video of Clarkson playing with the dresses iconic tassels. The post said, “The only thing better than a dress with pockets? A dress with tassels.”

Well, fans agreed.

“Kelly, I have GOT to get this dress. How can I find out about it????” wrote one very enthusiastic fan. As it turns out, the dress is from the brand Rococo Sand. Kelly Clarkson’s stylist, Candice Lambert, revealed this after all the hype the dress got. Sadly, you can’t find an exact replica of Clarkson’s dress on the company website. Rather, there are two dresses with a very similar style that would get the job done.

As it turns out, they are actually beach coverup dresses. We also like to pretend it’s summer and we’re out at the beach slipping on our coverup after a refreshing dip in the water. Sadly, it’s January and certainly not beach coverup weather everywhere.

While some fans were dying to get their hands on the dress, others were just in awe of Kelly Clarkson. One person wrote, “I love the tassels they are so addicting to watch.” Meanwhile, another fan called her “America’s Sweetheart.”

For Kelly Clarkson, getting dressed is meant to be fun. “Kelly really just wants to have fun with fashion. She wants to explore different styles and brands, and really likes to try something new each time,” Lambert said to InStyle in 2019.

Despite sometimes getting criticism for her looks, Clarkson sticks to wearing what makes her feel happy and confident. We won’t get to see Clarkson’s fashion taste on “The Voice” until close to fall 2022. The show announced it would be doing one season per year now.