‘The Voice’ Fans Are Upset One Contestant Didn’t Win

by Leanne Stahulak

Although “The Voice” ended two weeks ago today, people are still talking about the Season 21 finale and who they thought should’ve won.

Sibling trio Girl Named Tom (GNT) ended up winning the competition for Team Kelly. This is the first time in the history of “The Voice” that a group of artists has won instead of a single singer. GNT’s incredible vocals and harmonies earned them enough votes to secure their win.

But for many fans of the singing competition, the title should’ve gone to someone else: Team Blake competitor Wendy Moten. All season long, Moten blew away the fans and coaches with her absolutely gorgeous voice. She rocked the house nearly every week, astonishing even high-tier celebrities like Ed Sheeran.

Unfortunately, Moten didn’t get enough of America’s vote. And one Reddit user and “The Voice” fan protested the results earlier this week in what would become a controversial thread.

“I am home tired of POC women not getting the reconciliation they deserve. How is it season 754 & not one has won? I see these girls leave it all on the stage & out-sing the coffee shop singers. Yet they don’t win. Like, am I missing something?”

For clarification: Men of color have won in the past, including the first two seasons of the show and the recent Season 20. A woman of color, Tessanne Chin, also won in Season 5. But a Black woman has never won “The Voice.”

Here’s what fans had to say about Wendy Moten’s final performance and whether or not she should’ve been crowned winner.

‘The Voice’ Fans Speak Out About Wendy Moten Not Winning

Inevitably, all fans in “The Voice” Reddit thread agreed that Wendy Moten has a stunning voice and perfect technical vocals. But for many fans, her stage presence and connection to the audience didn’t deliver as well.

“This season it was very clear that Wendy had the best voice, probably the best contestant voice on the show ever. She amazed me…probably most of us. That being said, it felt like she had a serious problem emotionally connecting with the audience. Yes, being a female POC might have hurt her with the show’s demographics. I think it is crazy that she didn’t win,” one fan wrote in the comments.

Another said, “Wendy had a wonderful voice, but she’s had success and she was hard to connect with in that she sang technically perfect, but there was no emotional feeling behind her performances.”

Other fans said that the voting became a “popularity contest” that didn’t turn out in Moten’s favor.

“I totally agree with you but on the other hand, it’s all about voting,” one fan said.

Do you think Moten should’ve won “The Voice?” Tell us your thoughts, Outsiders.