‘The Voice’ Fans Are Upset After Sister Duo Act Knocked Out of Competition

by Clayton Edwards

Some fans of The Voice aren’t happy after an upset on the show’s twelfth episode this season. That episode featured knockout battles from each team. Most fans were fine with how Team Ariana’s knockouts went. Additionally, the show’s fanbase didn’t lose it after John Legend’s rounds. However, some of them are furious about how Kelly Clarkson’s round went. Hailey Mia won and sent The Cunningham Sisters packing.

Kelly Clarkson’s knockout round started with Hailey Mia. She performed “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence for the competition. The Cunningham Sisters followed her with “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by the faith-based group Hillsong United, according to MeAww. In the end, the rest of the judges on The Voice loved the Sisters’ performance.

Blake Shelton told the duo, “You guys have been favorites of mine since you came onto the show. I don’t know if you know about that or care about that but you have a lot about you and it’s really incredible.” Before addressing them, though, he shared his opinion of the duo with his fellow The Voice judges. “This is the cutest little thing I have ever seen,” said Shelton.

John Legend gave The Cunningham Sisters some love as well. He said, “I love hearing The Cunningham Sisters harmonize together. It’s so nice.” Additionally, Ariana and Kelly praised the girls. However, Hailey Mia won them over with her rendition of “Oceans.”

In the end, all of the judges on The Voice leaned toward Mia. The Cunningham Sisters had to pack their bags and go home. Kelly voted against them and none of the other judges would give them a steal. When fans of The Voice saw this, they took to social media to vent.

‘The Voice’ Fans React to the Cunningham Sisters’ Loss

It doesn’t look like many fans of The Voice were pleased with the decision to let The Cunningham Sisters go. For instance, one fan tweeted “The way no one stole the Cunningham Sisters- an actual crime I’m literally crying,” about the upset. Another was “so distraught” after Kelly picked Hailey Mia over the sisters. However, their positive outlook on life and uplifting song choice must’ve touched their fans. There was more support for the sisters than straightforward outrage against the selection.

Several fans of The Voice think that The Cunningham Sisters need a record deal. Additionally, their hometown of Hamilton is proud of them. One fan said, “The Cunningham Sisters, you two made the whole Hamilton community ecstatic! I’m very glad I could experience you both grow in your passion and God-given talent! Thank you for making Season 21 of The Voice one to remember.”

The Hamilton Christian Center thanked the sisters for “pointing us to something bigger than you and the show itself,” and assured them that God has big plans for them in the future.