‘The Voice’ Fans Left Frustrated By One Coach

by Anna Dunn

Following the results from this week, fans of The Voice are left frustrated by one coach. With four coaches assembling teams of singers, The Voice sees the celebrity coaches duking it out for the win just as much as the contestants. But some fans feel like Ariana Grande hasn’t made the best calls this year.

To be fair, it is her first year. And coaching on The Voice is probably a lot harder than it looks. But fans are mad at Grande for something that’s pretty much out of her hands.

Let’s face it, Grande is probably the single most relevant singer the show has ever featured in the coaching chair. While it’s really exciting for fans of both Ariana Grande and The Voice, Grande’s massive fanbase may be leading to some problems in the voting.

A lot of fans believe that members of team Grande keep getting voted through not because of their talents, but because of their position on Ariana Grande’s team.

While Jim and Sasha Allen are an adorable father-son duo who seem absolutely lovely, many have noted that they didn’t really hold a candle to Gymani, who went home next to them last week. Jim and Sasha Allen and Holly Forbes are Ariana Grande’s remaining team members, and a lot of fans have noticed they’re not quite up to par talent-wise with the other singers.

Fans of ‘The Voice’ Aired their Frustrations in a Recent Reddit Thread

For the most part, it looks like fans are more frustrated with Ariana Grande fans than they are at the pop legend herself. In a recent Reddit Thread, fans discussed the latest developments on The Voice.

“What annoys me is that this is a singing competition, not the ‘Ariana Show,’” one fan wrote in the thread. “I know a lot of her fanbase is young, but I kinda expected a little more professionalism from her supporters. I know a lot of them watch for Aria only, but for people who watch the show for actual contestants, it can get quite upsetting when everything is just about her.”

While it may seem like a silly complaint, when it affects the outcome of the competition, fans voting just to support their favorite pop star can have really upsetting effects on the integrity of The Voice.

“Should’ve never let Ariana … on a voting based competition that has the potential to change the trajectory of people’s lives. Like… Actual livelihoods,” another person wrote.

Ultimately, fans want the show to be about what it says it’s about: Talent. Not, how much popularity the person you decided to work with has. Hopefully, as the competition draws to a close this year, this will become less of an issue and fans will opt to vote with maturity over bias.

If you want to catch the next round of The Voice, you can tune in next Monday at 8/7 Central on NBC.