‘The Voice’ Fans Had Hilarious Reaction to Kelly Clarkson’s Bold Fashion Choice

by Jennifer Shea

In a recent episode of “The Voice,” coach Kelly Clarkson showed up sporting a large black belt to complement her sparkling little black dress. And “The Voice” fans sure took notice.

Clarkson’s belt buckle quickly became a topic of conversation online, with Twitter users alternately marveling at the accessory and lauding the singer for wearing it.

As for Clarkson herself? Between her work on “The Voice,” her daytime talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and her recent Christmas album, When Christmas Comes Around, the musician and TV star has been a bit too busy to comment on fashion accessories.

‘The Voice’ Fans React to Kelly Clarkson’s Bold Belt

On Twitter, “The Voice” fans sounded off about Clarkson’s fashion choice, with some cheering her for her fashion moxie and others comparing her belt to Santa’s outfit. Some fans just could not take their eyes off the belt, particularly the belt buckle, which was admittedly pretty eye-catching.

“Ok, what is up with @kellyclarkson belt buckle?” one fan posted. “She has had large before but this is distracting, approaching world record attempts even. #TheVoice.”

Other fans seemed to approve of Clarkson’s fashion sense, which often veers toward the colorful and cheerful. The belt was a touch of whimsy in an otherwise simple outfit.

“The thing about my girl @kellyclarkson is she gonna wear a big ass belt,” another Twitter user chimed in.

Meanwhile, still other fans couldn’t resist taking a poke at Clarkson for her bold move. One even joked that her belt buckle was reminiscent of Santa Claus’s gear.

“Santa is looking for his missing belt buckle,” another “The Voice” fan cracked. “Maybe @kellyclarkson can lend him hers!”

Kelly Clarkson to Host Holiday Special

As if she wasn’t already busy enough, NBC is giving Clarkson her own holiday special. The program, titled “Kelly Clarkson Presents: When Christmas Comes Around,” will air in December.

The special will include a mix of holiday classics and new original songs from Clarkson. The singer also plans to select several “special everyday heroes” who are in store for “life-changing surprises.”

“People celebrate the holidays in different ways and that is the inspiration behind the original songs and the curated classics that are featured in this special,” Clarkson said in a statement, per UPI. “No matter what your heart is feeling this holiday season, I hope that this hour brings you joy and happiness exactly where you are.”

Besides Clarkson, performers will run the gamut from Brett Eldredge and Ariana Grande to Jay Leno, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Odom Jr. and Amy Poehler. Plus, Santa Claus will make a special visit to the program.

Clarkson’s Christmas album, which dropped in October, is her first since the 2017 album Meaning of Life. Viewers can expect some tracks off the new album as well as, of course, some festive holiday fashion.