‘The Voice’: Father-Son Duo Talk ‘Wild Ride’ of Being on Show

by Jacklyn Krol

Team Ariana Grande‘s father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen spoke about the “wild ride” that is The Voice.

The Allens spoke with local Connecticut newspaper The Courant about their wild journey and how it all took place. Jim first received an email about the open auditions for the show back in April 2020. They submitted a video and somewhat forgot about their chance. They moved on to the next round and sent in a follow-up video.

“It’s just such a wild ride, it’s been amazing,” Sasha shared. “Every part of it has been so much fun, even the nerve-wracking parts.”

During the blind auditions, both Clarkson and Ariana Grande turned around for them.

“The thing about your voices together, the harmonies were so perfectly knit and peaceful that it really transported me, I felt like I was at Woodstock or something,” Grande said.

Both Jim and Sasha weren’t expecting Grande to turn but had to accept her offer.

“Aside from even being a coach, [Grande is] so much fun, and she’s truly a really funny and down-to-earth person who just radiates kindness, and we love her,” Sasha said.

The duo also thanked The Voice crew and production team for all of their hard work. In addition to the NBC series’ staff, their hometown of Newton has been supportive. Jim even runs a music studio where he gives guitar, mandolin, and voice lessons. He taught Sasha how to play guitar at a young age.

“It’s a joy to be sharing the fun aspects of this with so many friends who would have never expected this to happen but always wanted success for us, so we’re really grateful for that enthusiasm,” Jim added.

“Everybody’s just really excited, and having this common feeling of pride in Newtown, in our hometown,” Sasha continued. “Being here and getting to watch it unfold with everyone is really nice.”

How ‘The Voice’ Inspired Sasha

Sasha came out as transgender during high school, believes in The Voice concept of only hearing the voice and not seeing the people.

“I think it’s a really beautiful concept,” Sasha shared. “It’s a statement about not judging people for what they’ve gone through or who they are, and just listening to…what they have to offer.”

Sasha explained that he feels more comfortable in his talent and self now. He would have “never imagined” where he is today.

“For people to see that in a lot of ways that I’m comfortable enough to go up on that stage and comfortable enough to sing and talk about my experience. I’m hoping it can be a glimmer of hope for some young trans people,” he said.

Jim added that he’s “so proud of my son.” They both hope that they make this conversation of acceptance a bigger platform. “These are our families, and that’s the only way this subject can really be approached intelligently,” he concluded.