‘The Voice’ Finalists Look Back on Road Leading Up to Season 21 Finale

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The Top 5 finalists of “The Voice” reflect on everything they have learned from the singing competition. It’s pretty inspiring.

Season 21 of “The Voice” is officially over. While it was a wild ride for us as viewers, I can’t imagine what the experience was like for the contestants. Lucky for us, this season’s Top 5 finalists looked back on their journeys with PEOPLE.

“The Voice” Winner: Girl Named Tom

Girl Named Tom, aka the winning trio of “The Voice,” gained confidence in their art. They learned the importance of writing and performing meaningful songs.

“America wants, and I think needs, the harmony, and the meaningful lyrics right now,” Bekah said. “I think that you’ll hear that in our songwriting. We’re very honored to have had this experience to try it out, like, ‘Hey, this is what we do. Do you guys like it?’ Then to have America vote us through to the finale as the first trio, it’s just like, ‘What?!’ We’re so humbled and grateful, and it really has given us a new confidence.”

Team Kelly: Hailey Mia

Hailey Mia learned the importance of staying true to herself. The 14-year old contestant now trusts herself as a person and as an artist.

“I feel like that’s being me at all times and staying confident in myself and staying present and staying motivated,” Mia said. “I’ve learned how to really trust myself and be proud of myself and have confidence in myself. Without this experience, I wouldn’t have that.”

Team Blake: Paris Winningham

Team Shelton contestant Paris Winningham feels that he found a sense of direction as an artist. “The Voice” gave him a platform to find his footing.

“I was very unsure of what I wanted to do,” the 32-year old shared. “This kind of gave me direction. I feel like that’s with everybody that comes up to this platform, they’re trying to find out who they are as an artist. This platform does a good job giving you that direction and pointing you in the right direction, so I think I’ve definitely found that now.”

Team Blake: Wendy Moten

Amidst serious injuries, Wendy Moten learned how to push forward and perform through hardship. Moten learned more about the music industry throughout the competition.

“I have to have surgery to put metal plates and bolts and things. So I’m amazed that I was able to still keep going with that knowledge.”

Team Legend: Jershika Maple

Last but certainly not least, Jershika Maple learned that she is stronger than she thought she was. She calls herself a “fighter.”

“That’s something that I did not know about myself,” Maple said. “There were many times I wanted to give up, but something in me just wouldn’t allow me to. I got pushed down, but I got up and I came back ten times harder.”

Here at Outsider, we wish the Top 5 the best in their individual careers.