‘The Voice’: Full List of Contestants That Made It Through Battle Rounds

by Michael Freeman

With the latest The Voice season in full swing, the list of contestants scraping through battle rounds grows smaller. Now that there’s a reprieve between rounds, a quick recap may be necessary to remember who all is left.

Season 21 of The Voice has been exciting so far, with us reaching the Knockouts point after two weeks. Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and of course, Blake Shelton, have made tough choices and now have eight people each on their team. That means 32 acts remain, though this number will be cut in half when Knockouts end.

Newsweek published a comprehensive look at the remaining contestants, complete with who they beat, if they were saved, or if they were stolen. First on the list is Ariana Grande’s team. Katie Rae, David Vogel, Raquel Trinidad, Katherine Ann Mohler, Jim & Sasha Allen, and Ryleigh Plank all beat their opponents. Meanwhile, Grande stole Manny Keith from Shelton after he lost to Wendy Moten. Belia DeNapoli was saved after a loss to Katie Rae.

On Legend’s team, Samara Brown was saved after losing to BrittanyBree, while he stole Jershika Maple from Clarkson after losing to Jeremy Rosado. Samuel Harness, BrittanyBree, Joshua Vacanti, Sabrina Dias, Shadale, and Paris Winningham all won their battles and remain.

Kelly Clarkson still has Girl Named Tom, Jeremy Rosado, Xavier Cornell, Holly Forbes, Gymani, and The Cunningham Sisters thanks to them beating their opponents. Clarkson stole Hailey Mia from Grande, and saved Kinsey Rose after her loss.

Finally, Shelton saved Lana Scott after she lost to Hailey Green. Additionally, he stole Jonathon Mouton from Legend after Paris Winningham defeated him. Shelton still has Peedy Chavis, Hailey Green, Libianca, Carson Peters, Wendy Moten, and Berritt Haynes thanks to them winning their battles.

Blake Shelton Tells Another Coach Best Piece of Advice he can Give is to ‘Quit’

Starring on The Voice since its debut, Blake Shelton has quite the legacy and is known for his hilarious personality. On that note, in the latest episode, he said the best piece of advice he can give another coach is to “quit.”

Wrapping up its Battle Rounds yesterday, Knockouts will begin early next week. Yesterday, Clarkson pit Marie and Macie Cunningham against Parker McKay. The women were supposed to sing Lesley Gore’s It’s My Party, but Clarkson added a twist. She asked the two teams to sing it with an “Amy Winehouse/Radiohead” feel instead.

The sister duo and McKay performed so well it left everyone stunned. So much so, in fact, Shelton told Clarkson “My advice to you? Quit.” Unsurprisingly, she did not and opted to go with the Cunningham sisters. Oddly enough, Shelton didn’t steal McKay, despite still possessing a Steal.

Regardless, there’s still a lot to look forward to and things are only getting more intense.