‘The Voice’: Full Recap of Top 11 Performances

by Maria Hartfield
CULVER CITY, CA - OCTOBER 28: (L-R) Singer Blake Shelton, host Carson Daly, singer Christina Aguilera, executive producer Mark Burnett, singers Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine appear at a press junket for NBC's "The Voice" at Sony Studios on October 28, 2011 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

NBC’s The Voice kicks off another Fan Week where followers get to pick which song each of the Top 11 contestants sing. This is a crucial moment for the aspiring vocalists as it reveals what kind of artists they’re aspiring to be.

Not only do devotees of the show get to pick what song each contestant sings, but they also get to determine which of the Top 11 will advance. Before the big reveal, let’s review the Top 11 performances.

Wendy Moten, ‘Freeway of Love’ by Aretha Franklin (Team Blake)

Wendy celebrated her birthday with a nod to the “Queen of Soul.” In typical Aretha fashion, The Voice contestant rocked a glitter pantsuit complete with a cape. John Legend comments “what [Wendy’s] doing, almost no one can do”. The light and cheery performance didn’t disappoint. Blake agreed with John Legend’s sentiment adding that Wendy is already “performing like a legend” on stage.

Girl Named Tom, ‘More Hearts Than Mine’ by Ingrid Andress (Team Kelly)

The trio was forced a little outside their comfort zone in their rendition of “More Hearts Than Mine.” However, the small town siblings are challenging themselves as they shift into the country genre this week. Blake Shelton thinks this will be a perfect fit for the band while Kelly Clarkson is just impressed at their willingness to try new things.

Holly Forbes, ‘Alone’ by Heart (Team Ariana)

Holly’s not one to back down from a challenge. Regardless of her sweet and laidback demeanor, Holly is a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed. John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Ariana all praised Forbes for her performances saying, “The power is beautiful and I love your passion too. You are such a gifted vocalist,” said John. “The big moment… the solo… you killed it,” said Blake. John also made sure to mention her “heart is so involved in every note that [she’s] singing.”

Jershika Maple, ‘How Can I Ease the Pain’ by Lisa Fischer (Team Legend)

Fans assigned Jershika a classic, but difficult ’90s R&B song. John Legend was quick to point out the piece may be more difficult than it first appears. Legend coached the vocalist to push both her vocal and emotional range. The Voice competitor applied Legend’s teachings and nailed her performance.

Lana Scott, ‘I Hope’ by Gabby Barrett (Team Blake)

Country-pop singer, Lana Scott proved she can command a stage with an impressive performance. She even referred to the occasion as a “pinch-me moment” prior to taking the stage. The multi-platinum hit served her well. Shelton knew the song choice would be a “big, powerful vocal moment” for Lana.

Joshua Vacanti, ‘The Show Must Go On’ by Queen (Team Legend)

Vacanti’s performance of the worldwide hit had all four judges in awe. His operatic vocals paired with his unmatched personality is a perfect fit for the well-known anthem. Kelly Clarkson sees Joshua performing on Broadway while Shelton stated he “absolutely slayed it.” Coach, John Legend sings Joshua’s praises for his ability to perform the classic in a way not many others can. “You are a superstar,” he tells Vacanti.

Jeremy Rosado, ‘Reckless Love’ by Cory Asbury (Team Kelly)

Worship leader Rosado was in a win-win situation as he performed “one of the biggest Christian songs in the past 10 years.” His passion shined bright especially through the latter half of the song. The coaches are constantly mentioning his passion and heart seen every time he takes the stage.

Gymani, ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna (Team Kelly)

Gymani fans gave her a throwback tune for her performance. Due to almost being eliminated last week, Gymani didn’t waste any time. By the end of the song, all the coaches were beaming. Coach Kelly Clarkson worked extensively with Gymani on bringing texture to her voice highlighting the deep rasp that makes her vocal style unique.

Jim & Sasha Allen, ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival (Team Ariana)

Father-son duo Jim & Sasha Allen perform another big-time classic. Fans lost it to the more modern version The Voice contestants presented. Blake Shelton sang their praises mentioning their ability to appear so comfortable on stage. Shelton also made sure to bring attention to Jim’s incredible musicality. Ariana also chimes in stating Jim is “a musical genius.” She is quick to note the group is quite “spectacular on stage.”

Paris Winningham, ‘Use Me’ by Bill Withers (Team Blake)

Paris was assigned Bill Wither’s well-known classic “Use Me” by fans. He brought his all to the stage taking into account the advice from his coach to loosen up a bit. Winningham made sure to bring the heat in his most recent performance by bringing a contemporary twist to Wither’s hit single. He even incorporated a bit of choreography despite his awkwardness on stage. He threw everything he had into his performance, and it showed.

Hailey Mia, ‘Elastic Heart’ by Sia (Team Kelly)

The 14-year-old singer has fought to remain in the running of contestants on The Voice. She strategically chose to perform an acoustic raw version of Sia’s “Elastic Heart” which melted viewers’ hearts. Coach Kelly encouraged the young star to lean into the delicacy of the song. Together, Hailey and Kelly tried out a slower arrangement of the piece with just a piano and cello leaving the singer’s vocal prowess alone in the spotlight.

Tune in to find out which of the competitors will be going home and who’s earned a spot in the Top 10?