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‘The Voice’: Here’s Which Coaches Might Be Replaced in Season 22

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images for NBC)

The last season of The Voice brought in a lot of viewers. However, will there be new coaches as Season 22 is prepared this year?

Each season there is a big question around what the coaches will do next. Some return, others leave. Blake Shelton stays every year, but even his time on the show is being questioned. With so much going on in each of their respective careers, it makes sense that maybe one coach will decide to step aside.

As it stands right now, Shelton and Kelly Clarkson are the longest-serving coaches on the show. Shelton has been on board with all 21 seasons so far, and Clarkson has been ramping up her game in the last few seasons. She has four wins in the last eight tries, including this latest season.

Then, there are the two pop sensations. John Legend and Ariana Grande are wonderful additions to the show. Legend was able to get a singer into the finale this fall but fell short in the end. Unfortunately, Grande’s last act, Jim and Sasha Allen, were eliminated prior to the finale. Both of these singers are usually busy around the clock.

With Grande specifically, The Voice rookie coach has duties with the new rendition of Wicked. After delays and other production issues due to COVID, there is no telling if it will interfere with Season 22. If it does, it would be a shame to see Ariana go one-and-done. She has a lot of promise as a coach on the show and definitely attracts viewers to the show.

Looking at the schedules that each coach has, it is unclear if anything will cause one to drop out. As for Shelton, it comes down to more than just scheduling.

‘The Voice’ Veteran Wants to Take Time With Family

What it comes down to for Blake Shelton regarding his return to The Voice is spending time with his family. Namely his wife, Gwen Stefani. He has lamented in the recent past about settling down more. He wants to step back a bit from everything. From music to TV, Shelton seems to want to get back to a simpler life.

However, when you’re married to Gwen Stefani, I’m not sure a simple life is possible. Shelton is 45-years-old now and clearly thinking about his future and his new marriage. When he says, “I hope that’s [stepping away from The Voice] not too far down the road,” he means it. Don’t expect another 10 years on the show out of this cowboy. Moving to one season a year has surely helped keep him on the show.

As far as Season 22 goes, Shelton and the rest of the Season 21 coaches should be back. Unless something major changes or scheduling does become an issue. But fans should expect to see most of the same familiar faces next season.