‘The Voice’ Highlights Wendy Moten’s Best Performances

by Jonathan Howard

This past season of The Voice has been over for some time now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the great talent that was on the show like Wendy Moten.

Moten was one of the best competitors on the show. She was on Team Blake and the country music star was infatuated with her. Blake Shelton would repeatedly praise her in ways he never does anyone else. In fact, he said that he wanted her to win more than anyone that has ever been on the show.

However, things didn’t play out that way. By the time that the show ended, she had become a favorite. But, it wasn’t enough to outlast Girl Named Tom. The sibling trio out of Ohio captured the hearts of fans and rode it all the way to the end. The Team Kelly band was selected as the winner. The Voice finale was spoiled due to a leak on the app.

Looking back on the season, the show has put out a supercut celebrating all of Moten’s best performances. The runner-up has exceptional vocal talent. From We Can Work It Out to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. All of her greatest performances in one video. Check it out below.

It’s so great checking out these past performances again. Just a great reminder of the talent that was displayed this season. If Wendy Moten is the runner-up, you know that the competition was tough. Shelton advocated and cheered during every episode. While he was able to mentor and coach her to her best, it just wasn’t enough this year for the longtime coach on The Voice.

‘The Voice’ Fans Upset Wendy Moten Didn’t Win

There is a segment of fans that believe that Moten was done dirty. They have a good argument. While there were some talented artists this season, Moten seemed a nose better than the rest. However, the soft singing and harmonizing vocals of GNT won over fans in the end.

The Voice has a lot of die-hard fans. There are a lot of folks each season that are upset with the final decision on the show. However, this year it seemed to be a little more intense.

“This season it was very clear that WEndy had the best voice, probably the best contestant voice on the show ever. She amazed me…probably most of us. That being said, it felt like she had a serious problem emotionally connecting with the audience. Yes, being a female POC might have hurt her with the show’s demographics. I think it is crazy that she didn’t win,” a fan lamented after the finale.

The Voice giveth and it taketh away, Moten very well might have had the best voice and talent ever to appear on the show. Shelton himself said as much. However, the fans just didn’t connect for a variety of reasons.