‘The Voice’: Is Blake Shelton Leaving the Show?

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years, all 10+ of them, that Blake Shelton has spent on The Voice the question was always there… when will he leave the show?

Now that we are looking back on Season 21 of the show, it is worth returning to some comments that the country music singer made. There has been some interest from him and popstar wife Gwen Stefani in retiring and settling down some.

The Come Back as a Country Boy singer has a big decision ahead of him. It seems that he can stay with The Voice until he gets tired of it. So, after all these years is it time to make the move? Perhaps. But, we just don’t know how soon that decision may come.

Talking with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb earlier this year, he talked about the possibility of walking away from the spotlight.

“I hope that’s not too far down the road,” Shelton said. “Ten years sounds like way too long to me. I’d like to see that sooner than later. I mean, we’ve [me and Gwen] both pretty much taken it to the limit as far as our careers go and touring and now the television thing. It’s been fortunate to accomplish a lot of things. But, hopefully, at some point, we get a chance to live some life.”

So, it remains up in the air if we see Shelton return for The Voice Season 22.

‘The Voice’ Gwen Stefani Didn’t Know Who Shelton Was

Believe it or not, but when Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first starred on The Voice together, the pop star didn’t know who her future husband was. They were just from two different worlds it would seem. However, that wouldn’t last long, now would it?

Stafani said, “I was on The Voice. I didn’t know Blake. I didn’t even know he existed as a human, let alone, an artist. When I got on the show, I was like googling him and watching old reruns of The Voice to figure out why people like him so much.”

After watching those old videos, she understood the appeal. “‘Wow, he’s funny, he’s tall,'”

Once they started to work on music together, it was just about written in stone. Since then the two quickly got to know one another and now, since July of this year, they have been married. Good thing Shelton is so funny and tall, huh?

‘The Voice’ Season Ended With Drama

This season of The Voice was interesting. We saw Ariana Grande for the first time as a coach on the show. She did well but did not advance a contestant to the finale. When it was all said and done Team Kelly’s Girl Named Tom sibling-trio were announced as winners. There was one contestant that many other fans wanted to see take the win.

Wendy Moten was a very interesting performer. Her talent and poise were impressive. Although she didn’t win The Voice Moten’s talent is clear. She should have a successful career in music if given the proper tools.