‘The Voice’ Star John Legend Reveals He Doesn’t Get Expensive Gifts for Chrissy Teigen on Christmas

by Chase Thomas

If you were wondering what kind of glamorous or expensive gift The Voice star John Legend is going to get his wife Chriss Teigen for Christmas you might be waiting a while. The reason being that Legend revealed to People magazine that this was not a tradition in their household.

Christmas is not about them, as Legend told it. It’s about their children. He told People, “Christmas is all about the kids.”

He continued, “We don’t like to do much for each other because we have birthdays, we have Valentine’s Day, we have our anniversary.” They leave Christmas a big deal for their children. Still, the couple does ensure that they take care of each other with gifts on other dates.

What Is John Legend’s Style

Legend has a distinct style that fans of his have loved, along with his music. However, where does it come from? Where did he learn from the best? When creating a new style collection, how did he figure it all out?

He said, “I worked with my stylist, Dave Thomas, and we looked through my closet and tried to get inspiration and gave Sperry direction for what we wanted to do. We always wanted to honor the aesthetic that Sperry has had over the years, but also bring something new to it.”

It’s not just his new Sperry collection that Legend works with Thomas on style. Fans of The Voice know that Legend always looks the part on the panel as well. That is due in part because of Thomas, too.

Legend said, “We try to be colorful, we try to be interesting and wear things you wouldn’t just wear on the street all the time — stuff that’s elevated and has a splash to it for television.”

Advice from The Star of ‘The Voice’

John Legend has a lot of thoughts about love. Not only does he deeply believe in it, but he urges young people, and people everywhere, to emphasize it and not to run from it. It is important to him to celebrate the power of love. For Christmas, it’s showing love to his children. For Valentine’s Day, it is just showing love to his wife. He said, “I do believe in the power of love. I like to celebrate it. I get a kick out of bringing joy and spreading love to other people through my music. And Valentine’s Day is just one day to celebrate that.”

He concluded to Esquire, “But love is an important part of being alive and it’s also an important part of being happy. Relationships are the most important way to be happy by connecting with the people you love and care about.” Legend is a romantic to be sure, but it also one of the many reasons folks love him on The Voice.