‘The Voice’: John Legend Warns ‘There’s Gonna Be Some Steals’ in Preview of Tonight’s Episode

by Megan Molseed

The Voice’s Battle Rounds start tonight on ABC, and the teams are ready to go!

Now that the ABC reality show has completed the fierce blind audition rounds, each of the remaining performers will battle it out in the next phase as The Voice’s Battle Rounds get underway.

And, while this round decides which musicians move on to continue with their team, those who do not make the initial cut, still have an opportunity to continue on. If, that is, another one of the coaches chose to steal them away.

“There’s gonna be some stealing!” John Legend warned in a recent preview clip of tonight’s long-awaited episode.

In the sneak peak of tonight’s The Voice Battle Rounds premiere, fans see Kelly Clarkson’s team performers Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose come together to cover the Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road.”

‘The Voice’ Performance Stuns the Coaches

The performance is incredible…featuring a moving four-part harmony performance by the group. Of course each of The Voice coaches are stunned. But the performers coach, Kelly Clarkson is the most about what she has just seen from her singers.

“I’m so proud that you’re on my team,” Kelly Clarkson exclaims after the amazing performance. “It’s such a special thing for me.”

“This is the kind of thing people pay lots of money to experience,” The Voice’s John Legend says, noting that the performance was an “inspiring and beautiful” one.

In the clip of tonight’s episode, Legend also notes that he feels “musically connected” to the Girl Named Tom sibling trio.

Of course, which one of the performers, the Girl Named Tom trio or Kinsey Rose comes out on top after the performance is up to their own The Voice coach, Kelly Clarkson. However, the other coaches do have a say once Clarkson makes the call. Because, as Legend points out…stealing is an option!

And, note the coaches, each of the performers in this group are onces they could get behind.

“You four need to be singing together all the time,” notes The Voice coach Blake Shelton after the spot-on performance. “They pay me to pick people, but I don’t care,” the singer continues. “I’ll take a pay cut, I’m not gonna say. It’s too good.”

Blake adds that he definitely sees the uniqueness country singer Kinsey Rose brings to each of her performances.

“In terms of winning this show, you’re definitely somebody I would think about if I was Kelly,” Shelton tells the singer. “Because you have so much character in your voice.”

Ariana’s Newest Venture

The Voice’s newest coach, music sensation Ariana Grande agrees with each of her colleagues. However, she notes, her choice would lean a little stronger towards Girl Named Tom.

Ariana Grande is the most recent music icon to sit in The Voice’s coach chairs. And, the “Stuck With U” singer notes, it’s a seat for one which she is honored to sit.

“I have watched many seasons and I love watching the show,” the singer has said of the hit ABC music competition series.

“It always has the best energy,” Grande continues, adding that to her The Voice, while a competition is an inspiring television show for all involved.

“It’s such wholesome, inspiring television, and I love seeing the different voices and watching so many people start careers for themselves,” she explains. “It’s a beautiful, amazing thing.”