‘The Voice’ Judges Challenge Blake Shelton for ‘Country Cred’

by Anna Dunn

The Voice judges challenged Blake Shelton for “country cred” in a preview from tonight’s episode. In a hilarious moment, judge Ariana Grande calls John Legend “Johnny Yeehaw Legend.” The Voice is now in its battle rounds. Contestants are facing off for a coveted place in the knockout rounds.

The Battle rounds are the first rounds after the blind auditions. They pit singers against one of their own teammates. Only one of the two singers will advance unless a judge decides to use the coveted “steal” to grab a losing singer for their own team.

This stage of the competition is also interesting because coaches bring in special advisors. This year, there’s plenty of great ones. This year, Kelly Clarkson is bringing in Jason Aldean. Blake Shelton has tapped Dierks Bently for the Role. Meanwhile, John Legend decided to bring on Camilla Cabeo and Ariana Grande is going to work with Kristen Chennowith.

The voice is airing every Monday and Tuesday Night at 8/7 central on NBC. You can catch the preview for tonight’s episode below.

The show has also previewed what they call “amazing performances” this week. The competition this year is definitely fierce, both amongst the contestants and the coaches. Ariana Grande has joined the show, and the pop superstar has come to play. The singer has been a fan of The Voice for years now and finally threw her own hat in the ring.

‘The Voice’ Fans were Not Happy After Last Week’s Battle Rounds

A lot of people get eliminated in the battle rounds, and sometimes people go home who fans feel shouldn’t have. That was definitely the case in one of last week’s episodes, which said goodbye to a fan-favorite contestant. When coach John Legend chose contestant Samuel Harness over KJ Jennings, fans were devastated when nobody decided to steal Jennings.

It’s not that people felt Legend made the wrong call. Both contestants were incredibly talented and the battle was one of the ones that felt almost unfairly evenly matched. But people were upset when everyone decided not to use their steal. Hopefully, it won’t be a decision the coaches will regret later on.

The upside is KJ Jennings definitely walked away from the show with a ton of new fans. Hopefully, tonight’s battle rounds will be less hard to watch, but they’re always very fierce. Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson all have to think very hard about who to steal.

If you want to watch The Voice, you can catch up on old episodes on Hulu or catch the show tonight at 7 central. After the Battle rounds, the contestants will get to learn from Ed Sheeran in the knockouts before going to the live competitions.