‘The Voice’ Star Kelly Clarkson Celebrates with Team Kelly Members

by Leanne Stahulak

“The Voice” just got down to the Top 10 last night, and coach Kelly Clarkson celebrated with her three remaining contestants.

Unfortunately, Clarkson’s fourth singer was eliminated last night. Gymani, who sang “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus and Chaka Khan was sent home by America. It was down to her and father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen on Team Ariana Grande.

While fans were devastated to see Gymani go, they can still cheer on Clarkson’s three other competitors. Girl Named Tom, Hailey Mia, and Jeremy Rosado are still in the running to win “The Voice” this year. And Clarkson celebrated them in a touching Instagram post late last night.

“Let’s go, Team Kelly!! See y’all next week #TheVoice,” Clarkson captioned the post. The team looks absolutely adorable and like a family in the cute pic.

So, who else advanced into the Top 10? “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton was the only other coach to have three contestants make it to next week. Powerhouse Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, and Lana Scott all advanced last night. For Team John Legend, Jershika Maple and Joshua Vacanti made it through. And Holly Forbes and Jim and Sasha Allen made it for Team Ariana.

‘The Voice’ Contestant Wendy Moten Falls Onstage After Live Performance

“The Voice” contestant Wendy Moten, who’s on Team Blake, took a scary fall on stage last night after the team performed together.

As she turned around, Moten tripped over a speaker and collapsed face first. One fan captured the moment from the live show, which you can see in the tweet below.

Host Carson Daly paused his cut to commercial and said, “Unfortunate moment for Wendy Moten, who is walking off, and we hope she’s OK.” When the show returned from the commercial break, Moten quickly put viewers at ease.

“I’m OK, I’m a little bruised, but you know what? I’m still ready to go!” Moten told the host.

After the show, Shelton took to Twitter to congratulate his contestants on making it through to the Top 10. He also provided a brief update on Moten.

“Go, Team Blake! We got all three artists in. Wendy’s okay, don’t worry anybody. Hurt her elbow a little bit. I think she’s going to be fine. Thank you, America!” Shelton said in the video.

In the caption, he also said, “Is there a thing that can stop Wendy Moten? The answer is no!” Not even frightening stage tumbles can deter this phenomenal star.

Several “The Voice” fans think Wendy Moten can go all the way in this competition. We would hate to see her journey cut short over an injury when she has the chance to win big.