‘The Voice’: Last Night’s Blind Auditions Were Insanely Impressive

by Leanne Stahulak

This season of “The Voice” promises to be fiercely competitive, if last night’s Blind Auditions were any indication. All four judges are stacking their teams with absolutely phenomenal performers who will only get better from here.

While recapping the fifth night of the Blind Auditions, TVLine highlighted one lights-out performer who just blew the other contestants out of the water. Brittany Bree, a native of Dallas, Texas, sang a gorgeous rendition of The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name.” She finished off the night of auditions with a performance so chilling and incredible that all four judges turned their chairs.

You can hear her stunning vocals in the video below from the official “The Voice” Twitter page. Coaches John Legend and Ariana Grande turn around first, at almost the exact same time, as soon as Bree hits a high note in the chorus.

And when Bree bumps it up another octave in the next verse, Kelly Clarkson quickly hits her buzzer too. She knows this is a competitor worth fighting the other judges for, and she says as much later on during the judge’s critique.

“If your voice isn’t in the finale,” Clarkson tells her, “something’s wrong.”

“The Voice” coach Blake Shelton waits until the last minute to hit his buzzer for Bree. As she wraps up her performance, she puts this dazzling spin on the last note, executing it with perfect control. That’s what finally convinces Shelton to turn his chair around too.

While all the judges sing her praises (not literally) and try to convince her to join their teams, Legend makes the biggest connection with her.

“Did you grow up singing in the church?” he asks her.

“I grew up singing in the church. This is my first time singing outside of the church,” Bree replies.

“I know that feeling,” Legend says.

Bree eventually chooses Legend to be her coach on “The Voice,” but the other judges also added some incredible performers to their teams.

Who Else Killed It During Last Night’s Blind Auditions on ‘The Voice’ ?

First up, Ryleigh Plank joined Grande’s team after knocking Demi Lovato’s “Anyone” out of the park. Plank really leaned into the emotion of the piece, causing both Grande and Clarkson to turn around for her.

Next, Jershika Maple’s impressive range turned both Legend and Clarkson. She hit super high and low notes with relative ease and eventually decided to join Team Kelly. Blake Shelton swooped up Manny Keith, while Legend grabbed Sabrina Dias and Clarkson snagged Xavier Cornell.

Legend also scored big with KJ Jennings, who took on Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Record On.” She handled the notoriously difficult song surprisingly well, turning both Shelton and Legend. Shelton ended up picking up Libianca instead, while Grande got 16-year-old Sophia Bromberg and Clarkson grabbed Wyatt Michael.