‘The Voice’ Sees Massive Audience Drop in Ratings from Tuesday Night Battles

by Anna Dunn

The Voice just saw a big dip in ratings during the Tuesday night battles. It was the final night of Battles for the hit competition series, but it looks like not as many people wanted to tune in. The Voice still lead Tuesday nights, but the ratings fell pretty sharply.

In a drop that TV Line points out is oddly noticeable, The Voice drew in 6.5 million viewers and a 0.6 rating. While it dropped a lot in the demo, it still lead the night.

As mentioned, the battle rounds ended last night. The battles see two people from the same team compete in a duet. Their coach will decide who wins the battle. The loser usually gets sent packing unless a coach uses their only steal or their only save. Steals are when a coach takes a contestant from another team where saves are when coaches save one of their own.

There were definitely some surprising moments last night, including when the Cunningham Sisters beat an older contestant, Parker McKay. Many fans felt that battle was one of the best of the night, though it resulted in Parker McKay, a very good contestant, going home.

Blake finally used his steal in a battle between Paris Cunningham and Jonathan Mouton, deciding Mouton deserved a second chance on his team after Cunningham beat him in the battle rounds.

The night of competition was exciting, and there’s no telling why the show dipped in the ratings.

The Knockout Rounds Begin Next on ‘The Voice’

Now, each coach has only eight people left on their teams as they head into the knockout rounds. The 32 acts in total will become the final 16 by the end of the rounds.

The knockouts work a bit differently. Instead of two artists duetting a song chosen by their coach, two artists will face off, with each of them singing a song they selected themselves. When the two are done competing the coach will once again select who gets to advance.

Four saved artists, however, get to compete for America’s vote. The person America elects to send through gets a spot in the next rounds.

The Knockout rounds also bring in a “mega mentor,” a big artist that will help all remaining singers with their performances. This year, it’s pop superstar Ed Sheeran, who will probably be a big help to a lot of the contestants.

As we go into the knockout rounds, some contestants are standing out more than others. One contestant on Team Blake, however, is absolutely stealing the show. Blake called her Blind audition one of the “top three” in the history of the show.

Moten had a single in the 90’s, Come On In With the Rain, that gained popularity in the UK, but was unfortunately unable to build a career as a solo artist and has been performing as a background vocalist for artists for decades.

You can tune into The Voice to watch the next phase of the competition on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central.