‘The Voice’: Meet Carson Peters, the Contestant Described As ‘Country Patrick Swayze’ and ‘Elvis’

by Lauren Boisvert

It was a night of comparisons on the third episode of The Voice; John Legend compared two contestants to Beyoncé and Freddie Mercury, while a member of Team Ariana was referred to as Amy Winehouse.

But there was one young singer that night who was compared to an age-old legend; meet 17-year-old Carson Peters from Team Blake, who stole the show in the Battle Round against Clint Sherman. The judges loved him, with Kelly Clarkson describing him as a “country Patrick Swayze.” He sure looked the part, with a hairstyle reminiscent of Swayze in Dirty Dancing: that pompadour-esque hair that captured so many hearts.

But it was his singing voice that really threw the judges for a loop, even making Kelly Clarkson sit up a little straighter and go “Wow!” when he belted Vince Gill’s “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away.”

Locally known as “Fiddle Boy,” Carson Peters started out playing the fiddle on the Tonight Show and at the Grand Ole Opry when he was only 7. On The Voice, he did a blind audition of Don Williams’ “Tulsa Time,” which earned him a four-chair turn.

Coach Blake Shelton praised Peters’ range and adaptability, saying, “He’s just got a few different gears he can go to as a vocalist.” Shelton also seemed ecstatic about the “Fiddle Boy” aspect of his performance, stating, “We haven’t yet heard him play fiddle! I can’t wait for that!”

As for who Peters resembles most in his voice, it was team adviser Dierks Bentley who had some insightful comments. “His voice has got the bluegrass stuff and the country stuff,” said Bentley, “but it has almost an Elvis kind of harder-edged tone.”

Being compared to Elvis? That’s a big bedazzled jumpsuit to fill. But it doesn’t seem like Carson Peters will go in the Elvis direction so blatantly; he seems more down-home, country-western roadhouse style. I mean, he plays the fiddle, what’s more down-home country than that?

‘The Voice’: What the Judges Had to Say About Carson Peters

As stated before, the judges loved him in his blind audition. They loved him in the battle round, as well. Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, and Kelly Clarkson all adored him, amazed that he’s only 17.

 “I was like, ‘Oh my god, 17 years old, looking like a country Patrick Swayze,'” said Kelly Clarkson. She continued her praise, saying, “I think that you’re an incredibly gifted talent. You have a really cool rasp and you have a really cool voice.”

John Legend, on the other hand, went for 26-year-old Clint Sherman, saying, “you were so confident. Your tone sounded so rich and powerful. You shocked me, man.”

In the end, it was Blake Shelton’s decision, being the coach in charge of the two. He praised their song choice, revealing that Vince Gill is usually an artist that people avoid on the show. “I figured it would be more down the middle sound like Vince Gill,” he said, “And [I] found a whole other different sound that Carson has that he implemented into the song. I saw two totally different things than I thought I would and I loved both of them.”

Shelton ultimately chose Carson Peters to move forward on the show, and fans can look forward to watching the 17-year-old fiddle boy’s musical career blossom.